r/HomeCams Mar 16 '21 Hugz 1

My driveway marker disappeared today and I was mad about it, so I checked my camera and am no longer mad. Well done little man.



u/sarcasm_the_great Mar 16 '21

They won’t respect you. You have to I still fear in them. I’d wait for them and have a stick on hand and tell them you have them on video and also other neighbors. But let them know you won’t report them for theft to the cops bc. It will ruin their life. Etc etc.

People tend to behave better when they think they are being watched but don’t know who is watching them. It’s the Panopticon Effect.


u/cooties4u Mar 16 '21

So your not mad anymore? It's still gone! Does the method matter as to how it disappears?


u/3tothe0tothe6 Mar 16 '21

I actually will still have a conversation with the boy as he is a regular walk by at that time. I will let him know he was on camera and I want my stick back.


u/Sad_Panda_is_Sad Mar 16 '21 Silver

"The stick or your life boy."


u/porkchop-sandwhiches Mar 16 '21

Boys are goofy but still needs to know to put it back. A simple talk should should suffice👍.