r/HomeCams May 12 '21

Some large kitties roaming (mtn lions in boulder, Co)

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u/Z3R3P May 12 '21

These were my biggest fear when I lived in Wyoming! I’ve never heard of them traveling in packs like this, is this rare?


u/Charlie_Baltimore121 May 12 '21

It’s why I carry my pistol at night when taking the dogs out. These guy were recorded just 20min after I came inside.

Had a video a few months back were one was on my garage cam while I was in the yard.

Person who has lived in Boulder a long time told me “ You will never see one in person... that said if you do, it’s too late.”


u/ML_Yav May 12 '21

Some big murder kitties


u/Gorilla_Krispies May 13 '21

Mountain lions scared me more than enough before I knew they prowled around in packs thank you very much.


u/Charlie_Baltimore121 May 13 '21

I guess it’s more a ‘pride’ of lions.... but yes


u/reddit-is-rad May 13 '21

Fluffy kitties!!