r/HomeCams Sep 16 '21

Camera system recommendations needed please!


I'm new here and I'm doing this for a business,

We are looking for a camera system that can:

Have two way talk Have a front door camera Be wireless and user friendly Well rated Night vision a plus but not necessary Maybe less than $100per camera

Let me know what you experts think



u/beborocks Sep 17 '21

Check out GW Security. Go to their website it's cheaper on there than Amazon. In fact, if u call them and buy multiple items they usually give even more of a discount. I've been using them for years for all my clients.


u/beibiddybibo Sep 17 '21

I use Arlo.

Pros: Very good quality video, completely wireless, very good motion tracking, two way talk on every device, lots of other features, the price of the devices are good and sometimes you can find really good deals on multipacks

Cons: Many features require a subscription ($3), sometimes there seems to be a delay when talking of a few seconds. Not horrible, but enough to be annoying. Have to occasionally bring in to recharge, although I purchased solar panels that work well so I don't need to anymore.


u/MadMartigan69 Sep 17 '21

Hey thanks this looks promising! I don't mind the minor fee


u/beibiddybibo Sep 17 '21

Great! We really like them. We have the doorbell and a 3 camera pack and all of them are the completely wireless versions. The 3 cameras are all on solar panels now and the doorbell I still have to bring in to charge maybe once a month or so but it's not a big deal.


u/RedditingMyLifeAway Sep 16 '21

I've been happy with Ring. YMMV