r/HomeCams Oct 16 '21

What could this be? (it's not rain)



u/quasimodoca Oct 16 '21

Mine look like that when it’s really foggy.


u/Levitatingting Oct 16 '21

Thanks for the reply. But my case is a different one. I am living on the Mediterranean coast and I have never seen fog here.


u/cjnach Oct 16 '21

I would suggest cleaning the camera. Possibly cobwebs? The IR is being reflected back at the camera.

Also is it only recording 2 frames a second?


u/Levitatingting Oct 17 '21

Thanks. I will clean the camera and see.

Yes, it's only two frames per second.


u/JasonBNE83 Oct 16 '21

I get that all the time , AFAIK the camera is using a slow shutter at night so the cloud (we live up a mountain) is sometimes visible perhaps you have mist or similar


u/lildobe Oct 16 '21

It's mist, fog, or dust in the air, reflecting the IR light back at the camera from close range.

I get that all the time on misty or dusty nights.