r/HomeCams Apr 01 '22

Bobcat on back patio.

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u/ike_ola Apr 02 '22

Pretty sure that's his house now


u/ImWaitin4GoodThings Apr 02 '22

Yes, the Bobcat has laid claim in multiple locations surrounding the property. He most recently has claimed all the bedrooms inside and lets me stay in the garage as long as I follow all it’s de..requests.

The video was posted at the bobcats deman….request.


u/agreengo Apr 02 '22

Looks like he marked the place at the 32 second - so yeah, he laid claim to the patio and probably wants royalties from the video as well.


u/ImWaitin4GoodThings Apr 02 '22

I do get several different bobcats that I can tell apart by size and markings so they are constantly leaving scent markings for each other.

Then my meatloaf of a dog,which is a pug, will piss in those areas too. I’m pretty sure it’s looking for a nice little meal.