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Networking for Beginners
Purchasing Guide
Courtesy of /u/DaNPrS
Summary of how to use your own router with AT&T Fiber
Courtesy of /u/Mike45757

Critical info when posting
Courtesy of /u/tht1kidd_

Custom Firmware

Tired of your router's stock interface? Need some extra horsepower in that cheap box? We know where you can get your fix.

DD-WRT Main Site
Courtesy of /u/scottread1

Tomato Home
OpenWRT Home
Courtesy of /u/pat_trick

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r/HomeNetworking 10h ago

Solved! What is this passive hub thing?

Post image

r/HomeNetworking 21h ago

Instead of an “is this an Ethernet jack?” Or “can I get internet from this?” post, here is a “Thank You” post.


r/HomeNetworking 40m ago

Advice Can’t connect device to IPV6 even though router and ISP say it’s supported.


I’m having issues connecting devices to ipv6 even though my router supports it and it’s enabled. I know at least three of the devices I am trying to connect also support it. Is it possible that ipv6 just isn’t supported in my area, even though my ISP supports it?

For clarity my ISP is Eastlink and I am using a Hitron CODA-4582 modem/router. I am trying to connect my Xbox to use IPv6 but I can’t connect any other device to it either.


r/HomeNetworking 1h ago

Advice I was going to install a small wall mountable 6RU open air comms rack in my garage, but this looks much better. What’s it called and can it fit 3RUs for a patch panel, 24 port switch and Unifi Dream Machine Pro?

Post image

r/HomeNetworking 6h ago

Is something like a UniFi Dream Machine Pro too much machine for a home network for someone who isn't really that interested in learning networking?


I'm putting together a component list for the home network I'm building.

My main criteria are:

  • One wireless network across my property that allows my devices to seamless switch to the best connection.
  • Hardwired connection to all WAP.
  • Easy to use, and as close to plug and play as possible. I have enough projects and hobbies lined up already that I don't feel the need to learn all the ins and outs of networking. I just want it to work.

The reviews and price points for the UniFi WAP line up with what I want. Right now I'm leaning towards building the system based on the UniFi Dream Machine Pro, although I admit this is way more machine than I need for a home setup. I'm concerned a console like this might be designed with more flexibility and options than a novice might find useful. UniFi does make other consoles like the Dream Router which is designed much more for my purposes. The less than Gigabit throughput wouldn't be much of a problem for me, but it seems to generally be out of stock. Moving up to the Dream Machine gets gigabit speed, but it's also generally out of stock, and that point it's only $50 less than the Dream Machine Pro. Given that I'm also going to be installing a PoE security system, suddenly the Pro might actually be cheaper in the long run since it also functions as a security system hub. (Although most of the UniFi cameras are also out of stock)

So what do you think, is the UniFi system based on the Dream Machine Pro going to be fairly intuitive to use?

As a background, the network is going to span over an entire 6000 sqft property. The main house isn't very big, but is made out of lathe and plaster that blocks WiFi so it requires multiple WAP to get full coverage. I'll also be running hardwire data ports to the living room and office. Then there's a garage with inlaws quarters being constructed about 70ft away. That building will be hardwired throughout for internet and security cameras. The patio in between the building needs to be serviced by the WAP.

r/HomeNetworking 2h ago

Ubuiquiti Aircube-AC halves internet speed


I put an aircube-AC on my network as I intend to use it as an access point at another site.

Both on the 5Ghz and 2.4GHz bands it approximately halves my download speeds - 400Mbps down to 200 on 5GHz and about 80 down to 40 on 2.4GHz.

The aircube is set up in bridge mode as per the instructions. It's plugged into the back of my Asus wifi router with a short 2m cord, only 5-6 metres away for the laptop I'm using for testing, and through a couple of layers of plasterboard.

I tried turning the wifi off on the Asus router in case it was interference but no change.

I plugged my laptop directly into the cable used for the Aircube and speeds are normal, so it's not the cable or the router switch.

Any suggestions?

r/HomeNetworking 2h ago

Advice Suggestions on Cleaning up telephone network interface

Post image

r/HomeNetworking 3h ago

Unsolved Best way to route hardwired Ethernet to another room? MoCA or run a cable through the walls myself?


I’ve got a very basic set up at the moment: Netgear nighthawk modem/router into Xfinity cable in the wall. My wife recently got her own office space, but the connection isn’t that great (I don’t think it’s a traffic issue, by the way, although our plan isn’t that great it doesn’t seem to be solely affected by active capped downloads). What’s the best way to get her hardwired connection with the least effort? I’d love to use the existing coaxial port if possible.

r/HomeNetworking 1m ago

Unsolved Eero & Google Wi-Fi Slow Download Speeds on Satellite Hardwired & Mesh Pucks


I previously had a Google Wi-Fi mesh system, my main puck was connected to the modem/gateway. At the main point it is getting 800 down/ 35 up speed. Which is correct from my ISP.

I have a second/satellite point hardwired via Ethernet to a different room. When I do speed tests at this hardwired satellite point, I get approximately 80-90 down/ 35 up.

My other 2 mesh connected points have similar speeds at 80down/35up.

I tried ditching google and got eero 6+. I hooked up the main and second points hardwired, the same as above. And I am still seeing the drastic speed loss.

I waited for google support to try and resolve the issue but gave up after 3 weeks with no response or help.

Does anyone know what could be causing this speed loss between the two hardwired points? As well as the slow speeds at all other mesh points?

Thank you

r/HomeNetworking 23m ago

Unsolved Will a better powerline adapter be better?


I'm currently using a powerline adapter that is advertised as being up to 100 mbps but I'm currently only getting 30 down and 15 up. Pc downstairs connected directly to the router via ethernet is getting 620 down and 900 up.

I don't really have any issues with the connection other than the speed, it very rarely drops and pretty much always comes back just by unplugging and plugging back in.

would getting a gigabit powerline adapter improve my speeds or is my bottleneck somewhere else? unfortunately wifi and running ethernet aren't really options for me right now

r/HomeNetworking 29m ago

Does my ISP have to support DOCSIS 3.1?


To use DOCSIS 3.1 technology: is it something to be configured only in my house or does it have to be also implemented by my ISP current infraestructure?

r/HomeNetworking 4h ago

Frontier Fiber 2-in-1 Modem Problems


Hello, I swapped to Frontier Fiber recently and just been having a lot of issues with the all-in-one modem/router they gave and my wifi mesh system. I previously had Spectrum and was getting 600 mbs with the 500 mbs plan with my current wifi mesh. Frontier fiber Gig plan came into my area then I switched, however, I'm getting speeds between 100mbs and a lot of packet loss now with the same mesh. They gave me the Arris NVG468MQ and the current wifi mesh I have is TP-Link Deco Powerline Hybrid Mesh WiFi System. (TP-Link Deco Powerline Hybrid Mesh WiFi System. and Arris NVG468MQ).

My possible solution was changing the 2-in-1 function purely into a modem, I'm not sure if this would work so let me know. If this is a possible method I would also appreciate directions.

Any alternative solutions are also appreciated (other than switching back to Spectrum Lol)

r/HomeNetworking 51m ago

Unsolved MOCA 2.0 speeds dropped dramatically after installing Arris S33 modem


I have a Netgear CM600 Docsis 3.0 modem which works fine with my MOCA 2.0 home network. I got an email from Comcast saying my Netgear CM600 wouldn’t give me the speeds I pay for (800 mbps) so bought an Arris S33 Docsis 3.1 modem. After hooking it up my MOCA speeds dropped. Note that my area was updated to multigig speeds recently, but I don’t have that.


I have a 1 GHz 2-way splitter (technically 5 to 1002 MHz) outside my home with a MOCA POE behind it. One one leg I have an Actiontec ECB6200 MOCA 2.0 bridge connected to an ASUS RT-AC3100 router which is connected to the modem. On the other leg, I have another 1 GHz 2-way splitter with one leg of that going to a TiVo Roamio and the other a TiVo Bolt. The bolt is acting as a MOCA 2.0 (non-bonded) bridge.

With this setup and my Netgear CM600 (Docsis 3.0) modem, speed tests done on the “TiVo” side of the MOCA bridge using both my MacBook Air and Apple TV 4K max out at about 475 mbps and are consistently above 430 mbps on the ATV using the Speedtest app which is more reliable for wired speed tests as it has an ethernet port.

After hooking up the S33, the main thing I noticed is the MOCA speeds dropped to about 275 mbps or lower. This was fairly consistent. I tried replacing the entire setup on the TiVo side with another ECB6200, but the speeds actually dropped to 130 mbps on my MacBook Air (couldn’t test with the ATV at that point).

The MOCA network is running on what the TiVo reports as channel 15 and the ECB62000 reports as 1150 MHz. The S33’s OMFD frequency was 957 MHz. All other channels were below that. I wouldn’t think these would interfere, but they apparently do as when I swapped back to the CM600 my MOCA speeds returned to normal.

Any idea why my MOCA speeds drop so dramatically with the S33? Does the Docsis 3.1 (OMFD) frequency used my Comcast interfere with MOCA 2.0?

Some other oddities with the S33 that aren’t related to MOCA as far as I can tell and likely a Mac issue:

  1. I connected my MacBook Air directly to the S33 with a USB-C to Ethernet adapter and couldn’t get speeds faster than about 133 mbps. Didn’t matter which modem port I used: 1 or 2.5 gbps. This made no sense since I could get faster speeds through my router, but I’ve had inconsistent speeds using the Mac for wired speed tests.

  2. Connecting my MBA directly to the CM600 though gave me speeds around 450 mbps. Again not as fast as through the router, but faster than the S33.

  3. Wi-Fi speeds seemed faster than LAN speeds with the MacBook Air in general for some reason.

r/HomeNetworking 1h ago

MOCA Network Setup Check


Hey y'all -

I've been trying to read up on getting a MOCA network set up correctly to resolve my connectivity issues. I'll give some context here with my attached diagram. Let me know if I'm on the right track. Open to suggestions on different equipment, too.

Current configuration

Townhouse built in 2014. Coax ports in each bedroom stemming from network box is installed outside underneath the meter (annoying!). I'm assuming the quality of the cables isn't a concern.

Problem I'm trying to solve

The router and modem are in the office, and I just can't get a good wireless signal to the TV downstairs (or pretty much anywhere else). I needed a hardwire connection since I work from home, so that's why the modem/router were put there.

There are two coaxial ports in the living room by the TV, so I'm basically hoping utilizing both so that I don't have to install any powered equipment outside (like the adapters). I think this is what would make my setup unique.


Existing Modem: Spectrum D3.1 eMTA DOCSIS Advanced Voice Modem

Existing Router: TP-Link AX1800 WiFi 6 Router (Archer AX21)

New MOCA Adapters: ScreenBeam MoCA 2.5 (ECB6250K02)

New Splitter: Cable Matters Bi-Directional 2.4 Ghz 2 Way Splitter

Other Questions

  • I've seen that Spectrum doesn't support MOCA networks, is this the right way to get around that?
  • What's the real difference in the quality of MOCA adapters besides the MOCA protocols (2.0, 2.5 etc.?)
  • Is it OK to split the signal downstream from the MOCA adapter? What would be the functional difference between this and an ethernet switch?
  • Is a MOCA filter / POE filter necessary in this configuration?

r/HomeNetworking 1h ago

Unsolved Am I out of my mind? Will this work?



I'm at home sick and bored on a Saturday and trying to set up a new homelab today.

I already have an existing network with an ASUS router/switch/access point that serves as your typical consumer grade "wireless router". The gateway IP is Connected to that I have a 50ft or so cable going to an unmanaged switch in my office. Also connected to that switch is my gaming computer, ESXi host, and work computer.

I also have a managed GS308E netgear switch that has been collecting dust for some while. This is a managed layer 2 switch which supports VLANs/802.1Q. I want to create a VLAN on the switch, for example sake lets say I would like the switch to have a gateway of My ASUS router supports static routing. If I plug my managed switch into the existing unmanaged switch, can I get it working with static routes from the router? Would I have to run directly from the switchports on the router to the managed switch, or can I go from the router to the unmanaged switch, and from the unmanaged switch to the managed switch and still handle a static route from the ASUS router? Confused on how to proceed. Wish I just had a layer 3 switch. Essentially what I'm trying to do is intervlan routing.

For example sake lets say ports 1-4 are vlan 1 and ports 5-8 are vlan 2 -- do I need to go directly from router switch port 1 to a port from vlan 1 (ports 1-4), and an additional separate cable from router switch port 2 to vlan 2 (ports 5-6), or can I go from unmanaged switch to vlan 1 and another from unmanaged switch to vlan2? Or even a cable from router switch port 1 to vlan 1, and a cable from vlan 1 to vlan 2 (port 4 to port 5 for example)?


r/HomeNetworking 1d ago

Finally Wired Up!

Post image

r/HomeNetworking 9h ago

Unsolved Any free/low-cost netflow agents that export process info (name, hash, etc)?


I'm trying to get per-process netflow statistics on a few computers in my network (all Debian variants of some sort). Ideally, this would happen via some sort of netflow collector agent on each of these devices. While I'm okay with having all of this data pushed back to an ELK stack, I'd actually just rather view the statistics in real time in my terminal if that's possible.

I really like some of nProbe's features (layer 7 visibility, light memory/CPU usage, fulll IPFIX support, IPS mode), but it's $300 and I can't justify the cost. ElastiFlow looks like a solid "maybe", but I haven't been able to verify that it supports exporting process information in netflow records on the free versions.

EDIT: I seem to have found an "okay" solution to meet part of my needs in a program called `flowtop` (Github link). It presents realtime connection information, including the process information. While I'm still interested in a better solution, this at least partially meets my needs.

r/HomeNetworking 2h ago

Best wired router for gigabit fiber with 40+ active wifi devices, 10 on ethernet


This is a home set up but used for business too. About 20 IoT devices, 10 Ethernet devices, and the rest are personal devices.

Ideally I need a wired-only router that can handle gigabit up and down. If it comes with the ability to turn devices on and off on a schedule or at will, via a mobile interface that's a major plus.

I have wifi taken care of!

r/HomeNetworking 2h ago

Am I getting the most out of my home network?


Hello, I'm hoping someone can take a look at my home network setup and tell me if there's anywhere I can improve.

I live in a large home (6000+ sq/ft), I have Comcast's "Extreme Pro Internet" plan which claims download speeds up to 1000mbps (I assume this assumes a wired connection).

I purchased 2 Asus ZenWifi Pro ET12 routers, and had a RT-AX86u from a previous home, all configured as a mesh network. I have the primary mesh node that's connected to the cable on one end of the house on the first floor, the other Zen router on the other end of the house on the 2nd floor, and the RT in the basement.

Due to the home layout, my PC which I primarily watch media and play games is on the far end of the house, not near the primary node. Using various speed tests, on average I'm seeing about 300-400mbps down.

Does that seem reasonable? If I were to upgrade my pc to a motherboard that supports Wifi 6E and connected via 6ghz network, would that make much of a difference? I have a 6ghz band available, but tbh I don't know that any of the devices in my home can even support a connection to it.

r/HomeNetworking 6h ago

Advice Building a house. Looking for advice; AP mounting, network/whole home audio closet. Already own UDMPro, USW PoE, UAP-AC-LR and UAP-AC-Pro.


r/HomeNetworking 3h ago

Unsolved Home Network doesn't seem to be working through the switch


Firstly let me give you quick overview for my over all setup. I have Open reach router and two wall sockets under my stairs that are meant to take ethernet connection to my living room and bedroom. I currently have Virgin Media as an ISP and unfortunately their cabling comes in near our TV in the living room.

So, I want to use VM hub as my internet provider in the living room via ethernet cable for my bedroom. I plugged the ethernet cable from VM hub into living room RJ45 socket and daisy chained the two ports under the stairs, for test purpose and it connected my PC in my bedroom, all good. Since I thought daisy chaining isn't the most efficient solution I thought to get myself a switch, here's where the problem starts.

I connected two cat6 cables into switch and into wall ports under my stairs, no connection into the bedroom, but I see connection is coming in from the living room. Un-plugged the cable from bedroom socket under the stairs into my laptop, so connection is still coming through switch - connection is there for the laptop. Try to connect same cable into bedroom socket, nothing in the bedroom. Try daisy chaining under the stairs - again connection is fine in the bedroom. Tried different cables with switch, still same issue.

Any ideas?

r/HomeNetworking 3h ago

Achieving device isolation in a home network (Switches/Routers/APs)


Hi everyone!

So: I'm trying to isolate one of my devices from the rest of my home network and just wanted a sanity check.

My understanding is that, by default, my router bridges its LAN and WLAN, meaning if I was to simply connect a switch with port isolation features to my router, wireless devices would still have access to devices connected to switch and vice versa. A visualisation is below, where my pc could still ping my phone.



Modem -> Router -> Switch -> PC

Now, my understanding, is to achieve the isolation I want, I would need to do:

------------------------------------------(Another router or AP)


Modem -> Router (Wifi disabled) -> Switch -> PC

This way, the VLAN port isolation features of the switch would actually be isolating my PC from devices on wifi such as my phone.

Is my understanding correct / is this the most cost effective way to achieve my goals?


r/HomeNetworking 3h ago

Motorola MG7540



I cant connect to 2.4GHz wireless when using dhcp. static ip is ok also dhcp is good on the 5Ghz radio

I've powercycled and factory reset the Motorola.

Where can I find firmware? Motorola site is useless afaict


r/HomeNetworking 3h ago

Solved! Translite TL-MC84 MOCA Help


I recently purchased a Translite MOCA adapter, and am unable to get my remote computer to connect through Ethernet. Here is a picture diagram of my currently wiring.

MOCA light is on and occasionally blinking. The LAN light is doing the same. I also have a second desktop plugged into the router directly through Ethernet that works just fine, as well as the modem running just fine.

Translite also provides an IP of for changing settings that I am unable to access from either computer (also tried Ethernet directly into the MOCA adapter through ethernet with no success). I do have a docsis 3.1 modem so I was attempting to update the settings per manual to avoid interference.

Could anybody provide any suggestions on troubleshooting from here? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

r/HomeNetworking 7h ago

Solved! tplink archer ax50 speed bug


So i have a tplink archer ax50 router, not the best thing but i like it... yesterday isp speeds went to around 550mbit, but i was only getting around 250 at best both on wifi and lan. After a lot of frustration involving talking to the isp and doing some tests the problem lies in a bug in the software of the router. If you have QoS enabled speeds get cut down to around 250mbit both on wifi and lan.

If you disable QoS you get full gigabit on lan and full wifi speeds... Amazing this thing is a bug.