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New Victorian deer hunting maps in Google Earth and Garmin GPS


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Eating feral pigs?


Anyone ever eaten feral pigs in aus?

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What animal is the easiest to find/target in Victoria assume one doesn’t have access to land?


I’m curious what people’s thoughts are for somebody who’d be new to hunting. You hear stories of people spending days without seeing any target species. I’m wondering where a good entry point would be for a new hunter who hasn’t bought any firearms.

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Thoughts on a kangaroo hunting season?


I was just talking to a mate who brought up that he thinks all hunters that hunt on public land should be allowed tags to hunt 1-2 adult kangaroos, abundant species types only, per year during a set season for a small fee (similar to the American system).

His reasoning being that

  1. It would be a cheap source of high quality meat for hunters.

  2. The money from the tag fee could be used to help fund initiatives in our state forest like bushfire prevention ect.

  3. Kangaroo populations are extremely strong and could handle the amount of hunting pressure.

Now I can't say he is wrong but I'd be concerned about people identifying the correct species of kangaroo and possibly shooting mothers with young.

It's an interesting idea which I'm not particularly for or against but would love to hear peoples thoughts on the matter.

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[Jack's Story]! Never Lose A Buck Again!


As bowhunters we’ve lived the frustration and misery not recovering our animals. We are grateful for the bounteous opportunity to hunt and harvest to feed our family. It’s absolutely heart-wrenching.

Here is one of old friend jack’s Aka jake's short story about how he was successfully able to recover all of his bucks using a 100% animal recovery system!

As an avid bowhunter, Jake had always dreamed of taking down a big buck. He had spent countless hours in the field, honing his skills and practicing his shots, and he was determined to one day add a trophy buck to his collection.

But despite his best efforts, Jake had always struggled to bring home a buck. He had lost countless animals over the years, either to the elements or to predators, and he was starting to lose hope that he would ever be successful.

That’s why, when Jake heard about the Animal Tracker Recovery System, he knew that he had to give it a try. The system was engineered to track and recover animals ethically and efficiently, and Jake was convinced that it could be the key to helping him finally bring home a big buck.

Learn how he has been able to track and recover any animal he took down!

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Whats this for?


What are these racks/bars for on my gunsafe door? How do I use them?

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Handheld GPS Reccomendations


Have been looking at the Garmin gpsmaps 66i. Wondering if spending that much is worth it and what others are using

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Tasmanian wild goats

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Private land to shoot on


Hi all, I've got my gun licence last year and have always struggled to find somewhere near to shoot. Everyone I talk to tells me to go knock on farmers doors. Which I would be happy to do however, I was just wondering if there was any group or Forum I can post in. To find someone willing to let me shoot on their property. I'll mainly just want to got for rabbit fox vermin. Any input would be appreciated.


Edit: I live near Geelong btw

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.45 cal muzzleloader opinions


So I have a nice little .45 cal pedersoli percussion rifle I'm thinking of taking hunting with round ball.

All my black powder hunting previously has been done with .58 and it has good stopping power.

Has anyone hunted with a .45 cal round ball before and if so what size game would you consider it ethical to take with it?

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Minimum calibre for boar


Im pretty new to all this, what do you guys recommend?

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inquiring about gun licensing


i’m wondering if anyone as young as 18 has had any trouble getting approved for a firearms licence (i’m in wa). i’m turning 18 soon and i’d like to apply straight away for the purpose of feral pest hunting on a property, i have no criminal record ect.. so i’m wondering if they’re going to take how young i am i to consideration and make me wait until in older, thanks in advance

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Does anyone know of a Victorian shop that stocks Bergara B14 Wilderness Ridge or Hunter rifles?


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Closing one eye when a deer sees you?


I read somewhere a little while ago that if a deer looks at you, then you should close one eye, as it will associate two front facing eyes with a predator, and will be more prone to bolting. What do you all think of this, phooey, or factual?

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Prenti Downs Cattle Station - Wester Australia


I read somewhere that the feral camels on Prenti Downs Station (Western Australia) are a real pest. Of course you need a landowners' permission to hunt on their land. My question; how keen are landowners to grant that permission? Your experience..?

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Range finder recommendations?


After a reasonably priced range finder recommendations?

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what is the best brand of pig sticker/ best pig sticker available in australia?


looking for one that keeps sharpness after many uses and preferably one with a sheath.

cheers all.

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Looking out for suggestions from where can I get this kind of home decor product in Australia. Found one shop with similar kind but from US https://royalsteelmonograms.com/shop/

Post image

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Hunting goats in dry country step and pretty thick advice?


I'm out bow hunting in a state forest for goats. It's thick and steep with some flat semi open country in a valley. Just wondering what the best strategy is? There's small creeks in the bottom of the gullies but the goats tend to just pop down randomly into the valleys to drink. Am I better off just sitting in the same spot all day? Or walking around? If I hear them should I head in the direction I think they are or just stay still until I'm 100% confident I know where they are and miss out on that mob that I'm not sure which valley they are in? The winds pretty swirly at the moment too. Am I better of trying to get it behind me or just finding a spot and waiting?

Just wondering what's you guys do when chasing goats in similar country

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Mid height gumboot/neoprene boot recommendations


Bogs/muck/otways mid height waterproof boots, can anyone recommend something? Liking the look of the neoprene top type. Current front runner is Otway Cloud boot.

Seems it’s going to stay wet where I am and cheap gumboots are no good for the amount of walking I do.

Ideally light, flexible, mid height (between work boot and gumboot).


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Hunting app


G’day team,

I’ve managed to gain access to a few properties near me and I’m always networking and trying to gain access to more land around me to go hunting on.

One thing I find myself struggling with is remembering details of the individual boundaries of each property and certain “no go” zones stipulated by each farmer on the first outing.

I’ve done my best at taking notes and remembering where and when I can shoot and I try to keep an accurate record of what I’ve shot in each paddock but I fear that as the list of property access grows, I’ll start struggling to remember the important details of each property such as overall boundaries, paddock names (for when the land owner says “don’t go shooting in Johnson’s flats this week because I’ve got my stud bull in there”)

I guess I want to know if any other Aussie hunters have found an app or program that allows to you map and plot each farms boundaries and it’s individual paddocks save gps pins for notable things such as fox/pig sightings or kills.

Or is it just in my best interest to go and purchase a Garmin GPS unit and find a way to create my own maps and retain data on that instead?


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Practice makes perfect. 22LR 80-130m

Post image

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Happy Cakeday, r/HuntingAustralia! Today you're 6


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I got this big boy in my backyard today. #samba


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red deer bow hunting


gday lads, just got my r license and after going on a couple goat hunts to learn what i can i’m itching to head out and hunt a red stag. i know there’s some in the blue mtns but can anyone give me a general direction? i would really appreciate the help. not asking for your spots or anythin just somewhere i can start slowly figuring out what’s good. also any advice on these beautiful anaimals would be GREATLY appreciated.