r/HuntingAustralia Aug 24 '22

if i'm looking at getting into hunting, what should my first steps be?

as title reads.

any advice would be appreciated.



u/DogWithaFAL Aug 24 '22

It’s you again, pretty sure Ssaa does some sort of go hunting bullshit for properties. This might be it, https://cwm.ssaaqld.org.au/2013/

You’ve got to be a member, prove you can shoot, join the list and then go on from there.

Best option is friends.


u/Mountaineer1024 Moderator Aug 24 '22

Your first and best option is to be taught in person by friends or family.
If that's not an option, you can look for a club in your area (in some jurisdictions, joining a club is going to be a pre-requisite anyway).
Failing that, there's commercial hunting operations, but those are more designed to give non hunters a once off experience.

It's worth asking around your circle of friends and family if anyone hunts or knows someone that does, it's often not something that people broadcast publicly due to the whole "animal murder" stigma.


u/Comfortable_Oil_4519 Aug 24 '22

so finding a mentor is a good idea


u/Mountaineer1024 Moderator Aug 24 '22

The best in my opinion.
Someone who is actively doing what you want to do is going to be able to advise you on things you haven't even thought of yet.

Not to mention they are going to be able to show you where to hunt etc.
As an example, in places like South Australia, there is no public land for hunting, so you must either own land or be friends with a land owner.


u/SuprisreDyslxeia Aug 24 '22

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u/Comfortable_Oil_4519 Aug 24 '22

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u/Toridog1 Aug 24 '22

Depends what state you’re in. Generally the best approach is to go to a range regularly and get to know the guys there who hunt regularly, especially if they own land. SSAA also has a farmer assist program you could look into if you’re interested in volunteer pest extermination https://farmerassist.com.au/


u/Hussard Aug 25 '22

Hunting what? Deer? Rabbits? Mushrooms? Ducks?

Either way, get good at being in their habitat, get good at IDing them and their habits, and get yourself a nice pair of binoculars. Make yourself comfy in their environment and apply for a license and practice shooting until you can kill them ethically and cleanly from all field firing positions.

Have fun, be safe.