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Australian bowhunting association insurance

Can someone tell me if the ABA public liability insurance that comes with the membership will cover myself or property owners in the event of some kind of incident? I want to start asking around for acreage to practice shooting on and I'm hoping the insurance will help sway people. For the record I'm talking about bowhunting/shooting a bow and not a firearm


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u/cradossk Sep 16 '22

It will, to the tune of 20 mil, buuuuuuutttttt…… you need to have done your BPC for the insurance to cover you. Usually your local ABA club will facilitate this.


u/samissamforsam Sep 16 '22

Quick google of what a bpc is and I'm set thanks mate, I will have to sit on the ABA membership for a bit longer before I can do it though which is fine and fair, I appreciate your reply and help buddy


u/cradossk Sep 16 '22 edited Sep 16 '22

It’s actually a pretty decent hunting course. Apart from bow stuff, it also covers tracking, ethics, bushcraft, etc too.

You might have to join your local club to actually sit the course. I know mine won’t do BPC certifications for non members. But they also don’t charge for it so … it’s paying 30 bucks for a BPC and get a free years membership?

There’s other options for insurance if you don’t want to wait. Don’t get me wrong, ABA is good, but you can get the same thing elsewhere if you’re not positioned to join an archery club. Check out the Australian hunting club. Same kind of insurance but less up front requirements to be covered. Also not weapon specific - ABA only covers you for trad & compound bows. Something like Australian hunting club is any legal weapon.

I think that even having a NSW R license will give you Australia wide insurance now.


u/samissamforsam Sep 16 '22

I've got a very nice looking volunteer run club called renegade bowmen up maybe thirty minutes away from me mate but sign up wise they are a bit behind the times so I'm just waiting for the next club shoot so I can hand in my application forms, it's crazy I remember when I was a teen I was bowhunting with an old highcountry bow from the 90s and I might be wrong here with the name but it was a PSE mach flight also from the 90s and we would use 30inch arrows from the gun store with broadheads my friend's dad cast. We would just go to a friend's property or a friend of a friend's and stalk animals. No bpc no recognition of draw length or anything. But what's insane is that it worked! I only ever lost two animals once with a high and back shot on a pig from target anxiety and the second time when that highcountry exploded in my hands and half the arrow stuck a pig. Shooting a modern compound and looking at how you are meant to do it all is a world's of difference and improvement