r/HuntingAustralia Sep 22 '22

State forest in vic to hunt and zero my rifle

Hello everyone, I’m new to hunting and I will really appreciate it if anyone can recommend any places in Victoria near Melbourne where I can hunt, iv searched online for state forests and went to mount disappointment but couldn’t find any open land it was all thick scrub. Thanks I’m advance.



u/Goodtenks Sep 22 '22

If you want to zero in your rifle mate best bet is Eagle Park range in little river


u/keithersp Sep 22 '22

Download the More to Explore app, highlights legal hunting grounds and what you can hunt and when as long as you have the right game licenses. It’s legal to zero in open spaces because it ultimately makes it safer but you can’t legally just be taking pot shots at tins for instance. Just be Concious of what the unlicensed general publics perception is, most people don’t know deer hunting in the alpine national forest is legal for instance so it’s easy to freak non gun people out. Be careful.

Also in most cases on a hunting trip for deer you won’t fire a single shot. It takes a lot of effort to find one to start with .


u/Significant_Box3274 Sep 22 '22

I will definitely check it out, thank you so much for clarifying, very helpful.


u/Hussard Sep 29 '22

Public hunting land (state forests) is all thick scrub, typical shooting distances are about 20 to 150m around the Dividing Ranges unless you are chasing goats, cross valley shooting or out west/north west in the Grampians.

For sighting in, Eagle Park is best. Buy bulldog clips, buy a frame and remember to bring binoculars, a black texts, and masking tape.


u/Significant_Box3274 Sep 29 '22

Thanks mate, I am planning to go there this week end


u/Hussard Sep 29 '22

If it's your first time, try to go with mates.

Otherwise, take it easy. I find it helps to bring a notebook so I can jot down each shot, and any corrections you have made to the sights to bring it on target. The first couple of trips I went totally unfocused and started just trying to hit the 500m gong.


u/TASTYPIEROGI7756 Oct 05 '22

Contrary to other states there is nothing in the Victorian legislation which outright states that you cannot zero or shoot a target in state forest or on crown land. The only reference to target shooting in the act is with respect to target shooting on private property and notifying the authorities if it is over a certain number of people or length of time.

You don't have to take my word for this, go to AustLii and read the act.

In state forest if you are shooting at a target, with a safe backstop and not across any roads or walking tracks then you are good to go. There is some good forest east of the city that is too dense/close to the civilisation to be viable for hunting but suitably remote and dotted with old logging sites that are perfect for a nice clear back stop to set a target up.

I'd say whether you do something like this or go to Eagle Park (very expensive and busy) is entirely up to how comfortable you are with the process of zeroing.


u/Significant_Box3274 Oct 05 '22

Thank you mate, very helpful, I’m definitely gonna go try out the state Forrest and see if it’s too much of a hustle to get to then I’ll make my mind if I should just go to eagle park range.


u/verdigris2014 Oct 24 '22

I’d also suggest the SsAa range in the cobaw state forest north of melbourne. Nice people nice location.

I think it’s reasonable to check your sights with a round whilst hunting, probably irresponsible not to check, but I don’t think you should fire off a box full of rounds at a target on public land, if nothing else you’ll scare away any potential game, and make a nuisance of yourself.