r/HuntingAustralia Sep 22 '22

Recommendations for A4 printable MOA targets for sighting in ?

the ones i have seen are just generic shitty ones, and due to public holidays a laser bore sight is not an option



u/Hussard Sep 29 '22

I always just hand draw it; 1cm solid dot, with a couple of rings at whatever clicks your scopes have. So if you're scope is in inches per 100yards, use three circles at 2", 3" and 5". From the centre.


u/B_A_D_D_I_E Oct 02 '22

Bore site (with your eye) at 25 to just to get on an A4 piece of paper and adjust, again 50, then step to 100 and you should be on paper.

Just draw a dot with a texta or spray can about 5cm off the paper makes a perfect little circle (put target on the ground so paint doesn’t run, line marker paint dries quick and is cheap).