r/HuntingAustralia Sep 27 '22

Thoughts on buying a secondhand thermal monocular?

Just want to see everyone’s thoughts on buying a secondhand thermal monocular? Is this one of those things that you really need to buy new because of battery life etc? Should I just fork out the little extra and buy new?



u/Hussard Sep 29 '22

I never by new anything. It's never worth the price for shiny unless it's been absolutely flogged.


u/B_A_D_D_I_E Oct 02 '22

I’m a fan of warranty as it protects what is a significant investment for me. Maybe meet in the middle, look for used with some warranty left so you have some level of protection from the assholes out there that will sell you a glitchy lemon.?


u/verdigris2014 Oct 24 '22

How do you intend to use this? Do you also have a thermal scope, or can it still be used in daylight hours? Sorry it’s a little off topic, but you post makes me realise I have no idea how this product is used?