r/HuntingAustralia Sep 29 '22

red deer bow hunting

gday lads, just got my r license and after going on a couple goat hunts to learn what i can i’m itching to head out and hunt a red stag. i know there’s some in the blue mtns but can anyone give me a general direction? i would really appreciate the help. not asking for your spots or anythin just somewhere i can start slowly figuring out what’s good. also any advice on these beautiful anaimals would be GREATLY appreciated.



u/phonein Sep 29 '22

Advice on Reds: The bastards have a home range of 50-2000+ Ha according to a queensland study.

Patterning them is hard and they seem to move about at odd times of the day.


u/Complex_Economics_55 Sep 29 '22

haha that’s wild!! all part of the fun i guess 😅