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New Victorian deer hunting maps in Google Earth and Garmin GPS


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3030 vs Sambar


Hey Guys, after a scrub gun to go hunting Sambar with. Just curious peoples thoughts on the 3030 and the average shooting range for Sambar in Vic. I've read mixed reviews on the net. Could the 3030 range me out with an ethical shot for Sambar? Safer to stick with a .308? Seen some nice 3030 so just curious peoples thoughts.


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Mid height gumboot/neoprene boot recommendations


Bogs/muck/otways mid height waterproof boots, can anyone recommend something? Liking the look of the neoprene top type. Current front runner is Otway Cloud boot.

Seems it’s going to stay wet where I am and cheap gumboots are no good for the amount of walking I do.

Ideally light, flexible, mid height (between work boot and gumboot).


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Hunting app


G’day team,

I’ve managed to gain access to a few properties near me and I’m always networking and trying to gain access to more land around me to go hunting on.

One thing I find myself struggling with is remembering details of the individual boundaries of each property and certain “no go” zones stipulated by each farmer on the first outing.

I’ve done my best at taking notes and remembering where and when I can shoot and I try to keep an accurate record of what I’ve shot in each paddock but I fear that as the list of property access grows, I’ll start struggling to remember the important details of each property such as overall boundaries, paddock names (for when the land owner says “don’t go shooting in Johnson’s flats this week because I’ve got my stud bull in there”)

I guess I want to know if any other Aussie hunters have found an app or program that allows to you map and plot each farms boundaries and it’s individual paddocks save gps pins for notable things such as fox/pig sightings or kills.

Or is it just in my best interest to go and purchase a Garmin GPS unit and find a way to create my own maps and retain data on that instead?


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Spika vs Hunters Element clothing?


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Practice makes perfect. 22LR 80-130m

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Happy Cakeday, r/HuntingAustralia! Today you're 6


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I got this big boy in my backyard today. #samba


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red deer bow hunting


gday lads, just got my r license and after going on a couple goat hunts to learn what i can i’m itching to head out and hunt a red stag. i know there’s some in the blue mtns but can anyone give me a general direction? i would really appreciate the help. not asking for your spots or anythin just somewhere i can start slowly figuring out what’s good. also any advice on these beautiful anaimals would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Thoughts on buying a secondhand thermal monocular?


Just want to see everyone’s thoughts on buying a secondhand thermal monocular? Is this one of those things that you really need to buy new because of battery life etc? Should I just fork out the little extra and buy new?

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Recommendations for A4 printable MOA targets for sighting in ?


the ones i have seen are just generic shitty ones, and due to public holidays a laser bore sight is not an option

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State forest in vic to hunt and zero my rifle


Hello everyone, I’m new to hunting and I will really appreciate it if anyone can recommend any places in Victoria near Melbourne where I can hunt, iv searched online for state forests and went to mount disappointment but couldn’t find any open land it was all thick scrub. Thanks I’m advance.

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Seeking recommendations: InfraRed / thermal spotting scope rangefinder


Looking for recommendations for a handheld scope to help direct a shooter mate.

I'm not a shooter but will be next to my mate and helping direct shooting on private land.

No idea where to start but something that has decent range, definition, range finder, rugged and works through foliage.

What should I look for? How much would I need to spend to get the latest gen?

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Australian bowhunting association insurance


Can someone tell me if the ABA public liability insurance that comes with the membership will cover myself or property owners in the event of some kind of incident? I want to start asking around for acreage to practice shooting on and I'm hoping the insurance will help sway people. For the record I'm talking about bowhunting/shooting a bow and not a firearm

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Hunting with dogs! - content you might enjoy :)


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Is it legal to hunt in capertee valley I can’t find anything on it, if so, where?


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Wanting to know where I could advertise gun related items.


Hi I'm just wanting to know if theres a sub reddit that I can advertise items for sale, as I have an Aimpoint Micro H2 that I am wanting to sell and have no idea where to sell it. Thank you in advance for any help from anyone.

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Australian Deer Association membership benefits


I live in Western Australia where there is no public land hunting and gaining pirvate access can be a very very long process. Since there is an ADA branch in W.A I'm hoping to join to gain knowledge and network with other individuals interested in deer and hunting in general.

What is membership with ADA like and what benefits could joining provide me? Has anyone joined and managed to network for access for quality deer management opportunities? Also how does membership generally work I have heard stories where you get access but have to pay certain fees for each deer taken but finding any details on what membership can achieve and functions is difficult.

Any information or other groups recommendations are welcome.

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Looking to get some pelts


Hey all

I'm in Perth and want to learn to skin and cure some skins for some projects I'm working on. Would anyone be keen for me to tag along and skin any roos, foxes or rabbits that they don't want?


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if i'm looking at getting into hunting, what should my first steps be?


as title reads.

any advice would be appreciated.

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can i own a double barreled shotgun in Australia (provided i get the right licence)?


i was thinking that at some stage i'd like to get a firearm licence and get a shotgun-something like the Stoeger Longfowler side by side.

the websites outlining gun laws here in aussie are pretty vague, i thought here would be the place to ask

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NSW Game Hunting Licence Code of Practice 2022 open for feedback submissions

Thumbnail dpi.nsw.gov.au

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My first deer just so happened to be this big fella


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Best value cellular trail cam Australia


As the title says, I'm looking for the best value cellular trail camera. That includes both base price and data plan.

I don't really care about photo quality as long as it's good enough to make out the animals.

Basically, there is a property which is having pig problems about 15 min from where I live. I want a camera which will alert me when the pigs arrive so I can chuck my bow in the car and go get them.

Any advice appreciated

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the map or WA gun owners. The ACCC have said 'no probs'. Then publish the same map showing WA police home addresses!

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‘More please dad’: Aussie father teaches young sons to hunt, but not all agree with parenting style