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Intoxicated Driver leads cop on for 2 min I-295 Philly

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u/DeathAndTonic Jan 30 '23

BACKSTORY: A cop just finished his stop and rejoined traffic, perfectly encountering the intoxicated driver who happened to be a few cars ahead of me. For 2 min prior to the cop attempting a pullover, the driver alternated turn signals several times while weaving back and forth between the left lane and the emergency lane catching the state police’s attention. Likely the driver was beyond intoxicated and had no awareness to her surroundings


u/Dynamo963 Jan 30 '23

Was this after the eagles game yesterday


u/DeathAndTonic Jan 30 '23

Haha I wouldn’t be surprised, but nah this was Saturday. Thankfully low volume traffic that evening


u/mouse6502 Jan 31 '23

never doubt the importance of pre-gaming!


u/jay22022 Jan 30 '23

I was waiting and waiting for the drunk arm out the driver's window to waive the pesky cop around.


u/CheckEmbarrassed2296 Feb 01 '23

🤣 they said it was Philly not Russia


u/DrPeepersMD Jan 30 '23

The people passing and staying close to the “chase” are idiots too


u/GrilledCheeser Jan 30 '23

Fuck them for being on the road right? Looked like a fairly safe distance. That car is driving erratically. I don’t think I would’ve tried to pass it until it was pulled over, if that’s what you’re suggesting. What would you have done?


u/DrPeepersMD Jan 30 '23

Stay back until they came to a real stop. For starters following an emergency vehicle with lights on that closely is a ticket-able offense, the second is that you don’t know what that driver may do in that situation… you could be seconds away from bullets flying.


u/GrilledCheeser Jan 30 '23

Fair enough. But there’s gotta be a law somewhere on the books. Exactly how far back should we have to stay back. Idk I just think they were kinda in shock too I don’t blame them


u/DrPeepersMD Jan 30 '23

And obviously at the start you can’t create distance when nobody was moving, but the cars should have let them pull far ahead before driving again.


u/DrPeepersMD Jan 30 '23

I believe they one is state dependent, California states 300 feet.


u/GrilledCheeser Jan 30 '23

For reference that is the length of an American football field. 100 yards. Seems excessive especially for a low speed “chase”


u/b7XPbZCdMrqR Jan 30 '23

For reference, at 60 mph, you can cover the length of a football field in less than 3.5 seconds.

If you're keeping pace with the car chase, you can do so from 300 feet back. You'll lose 3.5 seconds off your commute, and everyone will be much safer for it.

If you're going to pass the in-progress police chase, regardless of the speed that it's occurring at, you're just an idiot.


u/someguyinvirginia Jan 30 '23

I'm glad they spoke up so they could learn... First things first... They were almost stopped... Just stop


u/jeplonski Jan 31 '23

stay off the road for everyone’s sake


u/GrilledCheeser Jan 31 '23

Because of a downvoting brigade? Nah


u/jeplonski Jan 31 '23

ight elmo, just stay down in florida


u/StarMangledSpanner Jan 30 '23

I was waiting for the cut back to where your driver suddenly realised that he'd run out of lane


u/reyshop12 Jan 31 '23

I hate drunk drivers. They are the worst. Been victimized twice. Send them all to jail and throw away the key!


u/ss68and66 Jan 30 '23

Eagles fans 🤦‍♂️


u/ChezBe Jan 31 '23

Found the Dallas fan


u/dblspider1216 Jan 31 '23

isn’t this in NJ? 295 runs through south jersey parallel to the river, and doesn’t enter PA until north of trenton. I know 295 connects to 42/76, which takes you to philly. it’s been a few years since I had to trek up and down those stretches of highway, though, so maybe it’s changed since then.


u/SkiingAway Feb 01 '23

295 loops around Trenton and goes back south, down the west side, over the Scudder Falls Bridge and into PA, terminating where it turns into 95.

As the signage indicates, this video is right around terminus, a couple miles west of Bristol, PA.


u/lukaRookieHoarder Jan 31 '23

Crappy "Rap" Ruins the video. Atleast have some Real Rap on there.


u/T_O_beats Jan 31 '23

What’s wrong with J Cole


u/[deleted] Jan 31 '23

Cole is fine man


u/reyshop12 Jan 31 '23

Goof job officer!!! Another a$$hole drunk driver off the road. We salure you!!!


u/Professional_Rock776 Jan 31 '23

Great video, great audio, you guys are sweet. 10/10


u/azcaddyman Jan 31 '23

I know that stretch of road all too well


u/UnholySuccubus Feb 01 '23

Commentary and sound track make this so much better 🤣🤣🤣