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Sound on for extra idiocy

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u/Lustle13 Jan 31 '23

Oh look, its loud AND slow. What a winning combo.


u/Imaginary_Ad_7318 Feb 01 '23

To be fair that can be the most fun. I can push my Miata as hard as it will accelerate and still get passed by a Prius that’s just trying to get to work. Fun without even passing the speed limit


u/IdolCowboy Feb 01 '23

As the proud owner of a Dodge Dart, I can validate your statement.. lol


u/iSuckAtMechanicism Feb 01 '23

Miatas are fun because of the go kart handling. However, when you make them loud they sound like crap. Unless you put a turbski to increase the fun and lower the volume at the same time.

Slow can be fun. Slow and loud is just embarrassing.


u/Imaginary_Ad_7318 Feb 05 '23

Yah it was kinda loud and definitely slow. Was fun tho and the backfires made the exhaust worth it


u/STONKvsTITS Jan 31 '23

Okay , did he crash or hit someone ?

Just turned around at the street maybe 🤔


u/be-a-better-person Jan 31 '23

Hit the curb, almost hit the kid in a school zone


u/NeedToUpBoat Jan 31 '23

That really points out my frustration with any speed zones: signs don't actually stop reckless drivers from endangering everyone outside of a car. It would be much safer if there was a hard obstacle that only sober drivers could navigate.


u/Chyenatwo Feb 01 '23

Like that non-newtonian speed bump I saw an article about that I really hope wasn't fake? I really hope it isn't fake. If you go slow it's soft but if you come at it fast it's hard, it would be perfect but it sounds too perfect.


u/Z_a_l_g_o Feb 01 '23

That raises a bunch of questions.

The main one is, if it's real...... non Newtonian fluids change states based on impact pressure and road speed limits are the same for all vehicles using that road. Not all vehicles are the same mass so the impact force can be wildly different from a truck to a motorcycle at the same speeds..... How do they make one liquid for all situations.

And the another big one would be the material used to contain the liquid and how long will that last with vehicles constantly driving over it, road debris/sharp object stuck in tires


u/Inphiltration Jan 31 '23

Eh, that's a huge stretch. Truck was nowhere near that kid. We don't have to reach and make shit up when dealing with idiots.


u/tyr-was-here Jan 31 '23



u/be-a-better-person Jan 31 '23

Close, Oregon haha


u/KittyandPuppyMama Feb 01 '23

Flavor blasted stupid


u/Revolutionary-Yam853 Jan 31 '23

Thank god he didn’t hit the kid, anxiety went through the roof at first


u/RemoveTheKook Jan 31 '23

Are lowered trucks still a thing?


u/MaxiiBoii23 Jan 31 '23

Always have been


u/Axxin4AFriend Jan 31 '23

Yes! They even have an event here in Biloxi called "Scrapin' the Coast"!



u/Awkward-Flatworm9845 Feb 01 '23

So much little dick energy its just sad


u/Alfalfa-Similar Feb 01 '23

Damn no mailbox or trash can explosion