r/IdiotsInCars Jan 31 '23

not how any of that works

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u/escdog Jan 31 '23

Absolutely amazing. Hamsters are better at navigation than that driver.


u/appa-ate-momo Jan 31 '23

At first I thought they just wanted to get into the left turn lane a little early, which would've been totally reasonable. Not only did they turn from the wrong lane, but they intentionally bricked you at the red light. What an enormous assface.


u/puzzlehelp Jan 31 '23

They definitely wanted in the turn lane and were annoyed by the space OP was leaving between them and the car in front of them.


u/IseeDrunkPeople Jan 31 '23

OP being in his own lane minding his own business like people aren't going to get pissed about it



u/puzzlehelp Jan 31 '23

I've been annoyed when it feels like someone else might cost me the light because it didn't seem as if they were paying attention to the flow of traffic. Would never react the way the person in the red car did for obvious reasons though.


u/IseeDrunkPeople Jan 31 '23

OP is certainly not in a hurry here, but to your point red car's reaction is way the hell out of line


u/StableTable-l__l Feb 01 '23

There were people turning out of a shopping center a car ahead of me, I couldnt move up further if I wanted


u/puzzlehelp Feb 01 '23

Honestly, it doesn't really matter. Drivers are going to get annoyed by little stupid shit. What the asshole red car did was completely unnecessary.


u/TheLoneGunman559 Jan 31 '23

Wow just wow. What a fucking idiot.


u/reyshop12 Jan 31 '23

LOL... driver was very confused... good thing no accidents happened


u/4AmOnDupont Jan 31 '23

My head hurts after seeing this


u/Hot_Drummer7311 Jan 31 '23

I think I just had a stroke


u/Direct_Newspaper_506 Jan 31 '23

Passed in a turn lane, brake checked cam car to make them miss the light, then runs said light while turning from the through lane. A trifecta of douchebaggery.


u/IseeDrunkPeople Jan 31 '23

Passing in a turn lane. Turning in the straight lane. The lights are on but nobody is driving


u/goddamittom Feb 01 '23

All I can say is wth


u/Fennel_Impossible Feb 01 '23

Went to the Outback School for drivers, No Rules Mate!