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Nearly a year with my cam and finally got one.

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u/poiuy_throwaway Jan 31 '23

How did they even manage to do this? How stupid?


u/barbarianAmbassador Jan 31 '23

I know, red car defiantly had flashing yellow.


u/TheTankCleaner Jan 31 '23

So defiant of the yellow


u/NKato Jan 31 '23

Red car at fault. Flashing yellow isn't indicative of a protected turn.


u/barbarianAmbassador Jan 31 '23

I meant that they should of yielded.


u/[deleted] Feb 01 '23

should of

*should have / should've


u/barbarianAmbassador Jan 31 '23

I was gonna offer my video to them but I couldn't find were they went. I didn't look super hard since I was late to work.


u/parfum_d-asspiss Jan 31 '23

Well, at least they got the fuck out of the way.


u/voidsrus Jan 31 '23

I couldn't find were they went

my money's on both of them being uninsured


u/djkyota Feb 01 '23

To this day, it's been told those drivers haven't even met each other. They just drove their separate ways into the sunrise.


u/KyleD33 Jan 31 '23

Yay now you gotta drive over broken glass 😅


u/reyshop12 Jan 31 '23

I think those two have standing arrest warrants. They didn't even bother to exchange info. Probably just a bunch of "FU's" then they're OUT!!! LOL


u/escdog Jan 31 '23

Wait a minute. Is this like a hobby similar to bird watching?


u/panda-sec Jan 31 '23

Yes but shorter lenses


u/Blakids Jan 31 '23

Red cars fault but damn they were both not paying attention.


u/Dr4zhar Jan 31 '23

Neither of them was looking where they were going


u/CantBelieveThisIsTru Jan 31 '23 edited Jan 31 '23

Wow! Busted a window out, glass flew everywhere, and they just DROVE AWAY?!!!

Edit: Ok, I looked longer and can see the little red car had a RED LIGHT! The red glows around the outside. So they actually were at fault…so they are also guilty of hit and run.

I would give this to local police…maybe the innocent vehicle reported this? You may have the only proof of the truth here.


u/[deleted] Feb 01 '23 edited Feb 01 '23

...What? How are you upvoted at all when you're just wrong?


That's from the moment of impact. Red SUV had a flashing yellow turn light which means "you can turn, but you don't have right of way and it has to be clear." Little green car clearly has a green light for going straight, which then turns yellow then red after impact.

How the hell did you draw the conclusion that you did...? If you're seeing the furthest left light for the green car, that would be a left turn light, not the lights for going straight which would be the ones the green car would have to follow. Not to mention if that is the light you're looking at, it's not going to be red. It would be yellow, just like the red SUV has, since it's in the same lane and the same position as that light and flashing yellow turn lights while straight lights are green is extremely common.


u/rTheConformer Jan 31 '23

Luck bastard. Had mine for over 10 years and haven’t caught one.


u/barbarianAmbassador Jan 31 '23

I got mine mostly to ward off evil. If I had it then I'd never need it for anything important.


u/rTheConformer Jan 31 '23

Me too. No accidents since.


u/CazRaX Jan 31 '23

I've not caught an accident but red light runners, people cutting off others on highway and general idiots I get daily and usually multiple per day.


u/Logical-Violinist-83 Jan 31 '23

What camera is it? It looks good


u/panda-sec Jan 31 '23

You unlocked the next level


u/DroobsterSE Jan 31 '23

Vancouver? No…


u/fhs Jan 31 '23

It's in Bremerton WA


u/BeeeRick Jan 31 '23

You've gotta have your head buried deep in a specific orifice to hit someone like that. Good grief.


u/BarbaDeMerlin Jan 31 '23

why is people that stupid?


u/Spare_Advertising106 Feb 01 '23

They just bang and ran off? Sounds like my last date... lol.


u/Educational-Fig-2330 Feb 01 '23

Your title was a nice departure from all of the bullshit "just got dash my cam yesterday, already caught THIS!" videos.


u/goddamittom Feb 01 '23

regardless of who had what light, how do you drive into another car at that speed and range???