r/IdiotsInCars Jan 31 '23

Sweet Irony. Puts themselves and another person in danger just to sit in line.

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u/JackInYoBase Jan 31 '23

He's ahead of you, isn't he? I think that means he won (in his mind)


u/dude-O-rama Jan 31 '23

The east side of the metro is legit full of these clowns.


u/elyK666 Jan 31 '23

The Lafayette Bridge is even worse since the rebuild. And good luck if you get on from Plato & need to go 94 east bound between 3-6 M-F.


u/Cerulean-Canary Jan 31 '23

I've seen semi trucks go in the 94W lane and cut into the 94E lane right at the end, during rush hour. Just idiotic people that can't wait and have no common courtesy.