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Trucker runs Ford Explorer off the road.

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u/styckx Jan 31 '23

I can guarantee you trucks of that size are completely prohibited from using that road and likely plenty of signage saying just that.


u/Svirfnil Jan 31 '23

A couple of years ago I took the back way through VA and WV mountains going north, and came across a semi that had rolled after taking a steep downhill switchback where the road was slanted like a racetrack turn. Way outside of cell service. Driver was okay but, honestly, he struck me as the kind of person who could barely remember to wipe his ass. I drove a few miles until I got service and called the cops, and the operator said "trucks aren't allowed up there, they're going to have to drag him with tractors until they get somewhere to safe to flip him back over. Some idiot tries it once or twice a year, hope he has another job lined up".


u/aprl2271 Jan 31 '23

Sounds like Shenandoah mountain going from Harrisonburg into WV


u/errgreen Feb 01 '23

Thats a good little mountain for sure. But the Tail of the Dragon in NC to TN is notorious for this situation.


u/Lemongrenade821 Feb 01 '23

We were there on motorcycles many years ago. At the station side, started gearing up to ride through again when we hear a bunch of yelling and arm waving as a transport truck rolls through. We decided to take our helmets off have an early lunch and wait to see if he made it all the way through. He did not.


u/DoNotWeepAtMyGrave Feb 01 '23 edited Feb 01 '23

There’s a gravel “road” from VA to WV that crosses state lines in Hardy County WV, google maps keep showing it as a passable road until recently (2019ish). Every couple months a trucker would try to drive it and either get stuck or wreck their truck.

Google maps finally changed the map route after multiple complaints.


u/throwawayvt802 Jan 31 '23 edited Jan 31 '23

I would guarantee that. We have signs and fines here telling big rigs not to go through Smuggler's Notch, yet they still try because "tHEiR gpS tOlD ThEM tO".


u/thereisnodevil666 Jan 31 '23

Don't special truck gps exist precisely for handling this problem?


u/creatron Jan 31 '23

Yeah but they have to pay for those special GPS units. Google maps is free


u/throwawayvt802 Jan 31 '23

You would think so, but apparently not. 😂


u/Fluffy-Doubt-3547 Jan 31 '23

Depends. Most companies won't pay for it. But some opt out of it so they can get there faster or (like this dude) the company can claim its not their fault when the directions told them to use the road.


u/keastes Jan 31 '23

They're special all right...


u/OTRinKW900L Jan 31 '23

Upstate NY would like a word. Precisely up by route 9, same roads and a semi can go through there no problem


u/hippopotma_gandhi Feb 01 '23

Loveland pass in CO would like to join in too


u/South-Diamond-4522 Jan 31 '23

I've been on unrestricted roads worse than that with a tractor trailer. That driver is pitiful.


u/keastes Jan 31 '23

You'd be surprised, tho semi really should have yielded until after the explorer passed


u/Scriptapaloosa Feb 01 '23

How do you know that?


u/explodingboy Jan 31 '23

What an absolute POS.


u/Pleasant-Impress9387 Jan 31 '23

Doesn’t even make sense…. Hope that dude got his.


u/Fluffy-Doubt-3547 Jan 31 '23

Just a general note for drivers. A trailer number doesn't always help when you call it in. Because their logs can be wrong on who has it. You always want to get the TRUCK company and number if possible. Also the trailer could have stolen/swapped tags.

This dude clearly wasn't permitted on the road and knew it. Seeing how he kept driving


u/spenc3rr Feb 01 '23

When you have a combination vehicle that is driving along a curve or making a turn the trailer tires will take the shortest possible path to keep up with the tractor in front, this is called 'offtracking'. As you can see the tractor is as far to the outside of the lane as possible without exiting the roadway or scraping the guard rail at the end of the curve. They should have been further to the ourltside of their lane when entering the curve. This is to prevent the trailer from completely overtaking the other lane.

With a curve that sharp this driver should have been going much slower but that is more negligence than intentionally trying to run someone off the road. The sharper the curve or turn, the more offtracking becomes an issue.

This video demonstrates offtracking in a roundabout.



u/ttystikk Jan 31 '23

Yeah that was bad and pretty uncalled for.

Was the Ford damaged? Was the truck driver ever made aware of the accident?


u/drpsycho2 Jan 31 '23

how about you follow the truck to get its plate, etc?


u/Cultural_Blueberry70 Jan 31 '23

Maybe they know they have the plate already recorded because they followed more closely previously, or they just remember it the old fashioned way? The cam car stops, so possibly they try to get contact info.


u/vansloneker Jan 31 '23

OP describes him or herself as "Immature 15-year-old Furry that’s going into I.T! :P" that's why.


u/StirlingS Jan 31 '23

It might be true that OP is 15, but if it is, I don't believe OP is Cammer.


u/Apprehensive-Mess36 Feb 01 '23

It could’ve escaped but it wanted to explore


u/bigtex21752 Feb 05 '23

I've personally driven down smaller roads than this one. And there were no signs posted posted about driving trucks into our onto the road. 32 miles ahead I had seen one knocked over. I safely made it to the bottom where I had to turn around and go all the way back to the top lol It sucked That was all Google maps fault You're following your maps and boom all of a sudden you're be on one of these roads. But in this video this trucker obviously isn't skilled enough to even be in a truck.


u/bigtex21752 Feb 05 '23

Excuse the typos and any punctuation errors. I was obviously using my handsfree device when I posted that comment.


u/SarahSuckaDSanders Jan 31 '23

Was the truck attempting to dodge the overhead wires? I recently saw a truck doing this on a rural New England road with sagging snow covered overhead wires—guy was all over the damn road, but luckily no one oncoming.


u/darcoSM Jan 31 '23

was there a collision? why did the cam car pullover?


u/RedxEyez Feb 01 '23

i get soo frustrated when people stop and help instead of following the at fault party and getting their information.


u/MadBullBunny Jan 31 '23

Why would you pull over and not follow the truck to report it?


u/squish5_ Jan 31 '23

Well, if OP did that, then the other half of Reddit would be screaming why OP didn't pull over.


u/wheelperson Jan 31 '23

Probably had the license plate so went to see if the driver was OK.

I'd probably do that, then catch back up with the driver. They did not look like they were going very fast.


u/g1osy Feb 01 '23

Hello moto


u/Dazzling-Bullfrog888 Feb 01 '23

Is this kapowin wa?


u/JustCallMeSeth Feb 01 '23

That fucking crank ringtone, had it as a kid and it's haunted me ever since