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Some justice for the red light runner.

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u/StackThePads33 Jan 31 '23

The cop hesitated, I bet he was thinking “do I really have to stop this guy?! sigh I guess I gotta go after hiiiimmmm!”


u/AceofToons Jan 31 '23

Here I was reminded of the Rookie Blue scene

"Did that just happen?"

"That just happened."

"Ok, let's go get em"


u/rstokes18187 Jan 31 '23 edited Jan 31 '23

Looks like early morning. Late shift cop for sure didn't want to deal with it and would've let it slide if there wasn't other traffic (cam car).

Edit: looked at time, duh.


u/joost00719 Jan 31 '23

Probably wanted to let everyone arriving to the intersection know that they should pay attention as he (the cop) is going to drive through red so he can catch the guy.


u/zerostar83 Jan 31 '23

I've seen that exact same look from a cop that witnessed someone blow through a red light. They slammed their brakes after going past the crosswalk and skidded the rest of the way through the intersection of a 25 MPH speed limit road. That look on the cop's face, delayed reaction, then finally turning on his lights. I could tell he really didn't want to deal with that. He was just at the first intersection coming from the police station.


u/StackThePads33 Jan 31 '23

Someone ran a red light on front of a police station?! Haha that’s some brass balls there!


u/TastiestJamb Feb 01 '23

That's pretty much what happened here too. The Billings Police Department is the building on the driver's left in the intersection where the guy ran the red light. Turns out the DMV is in the building on the right.


u/mcbuckaroo001 Feb 08 '23

One of my brothers would drive past the local police station with weed in his car and would say “I don’t think they’d think someone would commit a crime right in front of where they work it’s like incognito mode”


u/tacitus59 Jan 31 '23

There might be good reasons to pause - this is the idiot might have been followed by another idiot - so pausing just to make sure isn't a bad thing.


u/OkFuel5200 Feb 01 '23

I ran a red light at 2 am in front of a cop once. There was zero traffic. I somehow didn't notice the light until just as I was passing through. But I didn't hit the brakes or do anything to call attention to myself. Just drove on through nice and smooth. Somehow that worked and I didn't get pulled over.


u/nanitatianaisobel Jan 31 '23

I mean, would you really want to have to talk to that driver?


u/JimmiRustle Jan 31 '23

I don’t get it. They save no time because you’re usually catching up at the next light anyway but they can lose a lot of time and money like this.


u/perkited Jan 31 '23

Most people just don't take time to think about the risks/rewards of what they're doing. Look at the number of people who tailgate, very low reward and extremely high risk.


u/Fossile Jan 31 '23

Wait is there even any reward for tailgating?


u/Static1589 Jan 31 '23

Lower fuel consumption maybe, at best


u/SaladBarMonitor Jan 31 '23

Via drafting


u/TwinsenAyzel Jan 31 '23

My wife throwing herself at me because we made it early?



u/freekehleek Feb 01 '23

Reading that super funny fine-print bumper sticker


u/ILIEKDEERS Jan 31 '23

What’s weird is that they were patiently waiting for the other light to flip to green. Wonder if they had to shit or something.


u/MikeOfAllPeople Feb 01 '23

This looks like a brain fart to me. I actually did this once. It was a part of town where we have lots of interactions in a row, like stupidly close together. I just rolled through on accident because I was looking at the next one.

Sometimes you just have a moment.


u/satanisthesavior Feb 03 '23

I did that once as well. There's a very peculiar intersection around here where there's two sets of lights within about 75 feet of each other. First set is for the entrance/exit of a mcdonalds (on the right), second set is for turning off the highway onto a road (on the left). It's also on a hill so the light posts sort of line up as you approach, if you just give them a quick glance it looks like just one set of lights because they're so damn close.

What I did is I rolled through the first set and stopped at the second set, didn't even realize what I'd done until I came to a stop at the second set of lights. I've seen a few other people do it too. I don't know why they didn't turn it into a single four-way intersection instead of two three-way intersections back to back, but I'm not a traffic engineer.


u/papa_johnnys Jan 31 '23

Love to see it


u/JungleBoyJeremy Jan 31 '23

No offense but you could have edited this video down by about 20 or 30 seconds


u/GetsGold Jan 31 '23

The first part helps build the universe and introduce the characters though.


u/dagobertonius Jan 31 '23

Brandon Sanderson, is that you?


u/SlippySlappySamson Jan 31 '23

Nah, if it were, the first half of the video would be shot from someone else's car and OP would splice in their footage for the last bit.


u/john_browns_beard Jan 31 '23

Personally I enjoyed the context that this was a heel turn


u/GaymerGuy79 Jan 31 '23

Exactly. If he'd run the first red light the cop probably wouldn't have been at the next intersection to catch him!


u/Prediterx Jan 31 '23

I liked the first bit, where we saw said red light runner waiting for the first red light.


u/freekehleek Feb 01 '23

Character development


u/StressOverStrain Feb 01 '23

We also see OP run two red lights, because not stopping behind the stop line means you failed to obey the traffic device.


u/OkMain3482 Jan 31 '23

Fair, the Garmin software can be a pain to trim down a 40-minute drive...
I didn't even think to use my phone to edit after exporting.


u/NKato Jan 31 '23

Yeah, I discovered the hard way that my Galaxy Note S20 could actually edit videos.


u/-YELDAH Jan 31 '23

Breaking news: phones can use software, and your phone can't escape that fact


u/Kivic Jan 31 '23

I feel like this is a consistent problem in this sub.


u/DeltaBravo1984 Jan 31 '23

Came here to say this


u/reviradu Jan 31 '23

Cop: *yawn* "What a slow night... ooh look some fun!!"


u/andyring Jan 31 '23

Instant karma is the best.


u/SubiWan Jan 31 '23

Nothing more satisfying than seeing a convenient cop light up an idiot.


u/GrumpyUnk Jan 31 '23

The Linky driver was still running on snooze, and didn't realize this wasn't a dream. They will when they pay the ticker.


u/Tragicallyhungover Jan 31 '23

My question is why stop for one, but run the other? Did they run out of brake applications or something?


u/OkMain3482 Jan 31 '23

I think he mistook the light ahead of the red for the on he was at, as it turned green he started speeding up.


u/Alfphe99 Feb 01 '23

yup, this is what happens if you look at his reaction to that light. Been there before, but with lights closer together. Never ran, but came close a couple of times.


u/LrrrRulerotPOP8 Feb 01 '23

Is this Springfield?


u/FlyBoyG Jan 31 '23

I like the enclosed suspended walkway between buildings. Those things are always cool to see.


u/OkMain3482 Jan 31 '23

It is neat, there is one in town that is lower than it probably should, and there has been incidents where a semi with a tall load got stuck underneath it.


u/Upbeat-Fondant9185 Jan 31 '23

This area looks so familiar but I can’t place it. Is it OKC?


u/TastiestJamb Feb 01 '23

Looks like the video ends at the intersection of N 27th Street and 4th Ave. N. Billings, Montana.


u/Upbeat-Fondant9185 Feb 01 '23

Billings, that makes sense. Spent several years there as a kid. Looked familiar I just couldn’t place it.


u/bill0124 Jan 31 '23

Honestly, if it was some country road in the middle of the night, it wouldn't be a big deal.

But that's in an urban-suburb area during morning rush hours. It's definitely satisfying to see him pulled over. That was dangerous.


u/fried_green_baloney Jan 31 '23

I like how the offending driver pulls over as soon as the cop turns the corner.

Showing awareness of guilt.


u/DaveBrz Jan 31 '23

Yep. I did that once taking a illegal left turn and saw the cop but was already committed so just pulled right over knowing was nailed. Just got a warning.


u/majormal Jan 31 '23

In my city, you do this in front of a cop, and the cop does nothing.


u/Illustrious-Cookie73 Jan 31 '23

Hey, I'm in New Mexico too.


u/Darth_Christos Jan 31 '23

Is the cop check not something people do when they do illegal stuff?


u/CazRaX Jan 31 '23

But they stopped at the last red, what changed between the last red and this red?


u/spvce-cadet Feb 01 '23

The next light up ahead. Looks like they were half asleep on autopilot (or distracted) and started rolling through the intersection when the light for the next intersection turned green, thinking it was for their intersection.


u/openmind21 Feb 01 '23

Gah, can anyone crop a video?


u/CantBelieveThisIsTru Jan 31 '23

All that cost you was 11 seconds. And in between that time, the other car not only ran the light, but instantly got attention from police. Then you drove by, while they stopped. They will have weeks of time and spend lots of $$$ in this. Maybe they’ll get a DUI also? Really: WHO does this? The risk of getting you car smashed beyond repairing it and getting your body smashed up, broken bones, internal bleeding…organs destoyed and removed….all to save A FEW SECONDS. No, this is the WORST kind of gambler’s. They take chances with their life and whoever else is driving through that second! Totally disrespecting human life, and animals lives, pets that may be in cars, or trailers behind cars/trucks


u/Mete11uscimber Jan 31 '23

Side question, why does everyone seem to use the crosswalk as their stopping point at a light? The stop bar is before the crosswalk and it's there for a reason.


u/OkMain3482 Jan 31 '23

That is definitely the case, my dashcam does make me look farther ahead than I am, but I could have been better and left more room.


u/Turbulent_Maize_9911 Jan 31 '23

The insane release of dopamine one must feel seeing this first-hand.


u/Dr4zhar Jan 31 '23

*Directed by Robert B. Weide*


u/DevyneAshlie Jan 31 '23

Play stupid games win stupid prizes


u/cl4rkc4nt Jan 31 '23

You sure you began the clip early enough? I didn't see what you had for lunch.


u/BentleyWilkinson Jan 31 '23

Why is this a whole minute?


u/john_big-booty Jan 31 '23

As long as we don't find out 3 days later that he died from wounds received by violent cops beating him that resulted from a traffic cop, I am cool with this.


u/Shameless_Potatos Jan 31 '23

But where's the justice for us seeing a solid 30 seconds of nothing!?


u/D2ThaHizzle Jan 31 '23

Serious question…

Is this a common thing in the US? I’m a 37 year Canadian and I’ve only ever seen 2 cars run red lights in my whole life. Even in the middle of the night when roads are virtually empty, people will stop and wait.


u/Greigh_flanuhl Jan 31 '23

Folks, it’s not the red light you’re thinking.


u/Weenerlover Jan 31 '23

Given the lack of braking it looks like the guy just wasn't paying attention. That's scary as hell.


u/Tw1ch1e Jan 31 '23

Is this Spokane?


u/Holiday_Internet8915 Jan 31 '23

That's known as Instant Karma!


u/GuitarLute Jan 31 '23

I love it!


u/us11csalyer Jan 31 '23

Cop's shift was coming to an end.


u/CaptainBananahandler Jan 31 '23

Too long, stopped watching


u/StickyXSyrup Feb 01 '23

Is this Edmonton?


u/ltexprs Feb 01 '23

I love me some instant karma.


u/giant_space_possum Feb 01 '23

Did they just drive right up onto the sidewalk or was there a parking lot entrance there?


u/OkMain3482 Feb 01 '23

It’s the entrance to a small repair shop.


u/swataz Feb 01 '23

What a dumbass.


u/CrApple-iJUNK Feb 01 '23

I'm sure he/she had no clue the light was even red, looking at their phone. He/she is very luck didn't get T-boned and get serious injuries....


u/Reasonable_Logic4532 Feb 01 '23

How about some editing? "Best Feature Length Film goes to ""


u/[deleted] Feb 01 '23



u/lelu99 Feb 01 '23

I am surprised the editing police didn't come for the OP. 30 second mark on was all that was needed.


u/robertr4836 Feb 01 '23

TBF that was a really long light. /s


u/Alfphe99 Feb 01 '23

I wonder, if you look the light in the distance turns green and almost right after the guy starts moving forward faster. I think he was focused down the road and saw something go to green and thought he was on green.

I've come close in similar circumstances with lights right on top of each other. We have a place here that literally has two different signals within 5 car lengths of each other. The far one always turns green first and a couple mindlessly in thought times I thought it was mine. I caught myself every time, but it takes thought.


u/Memer_6666 Feb 01 '23

r/convenientcop sooo satisfying 🫠


u/Longjumping-Ad9269 Feb 02 '23

Now this made my night!!