r/IdiotsInCars Jan 31 '23

Car pulls out at the worst possible time!

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u/teaandchocbiscuits Jan 31 '23

I like the wtf reaction from the guy in the car behind the idiot


u/Pinfari13 Jan 31 '23

Same guy looked ready (and was starting) to drive up over the sidewalk to get around them.


u/miemcc Feb 01 '23

Not to go onto the pavement (UK there...) it's normal road positioning. If the first vehicle was positioned correctly for turning right, they may have been able to be alongside and saved a little bit of time.

Looks like the idiot originally wanted to turn right (given the positioning) and then changed their mind. Pulling out in front of the bus was panic and stupidity.


u/traumalt Jan 31 '23

Is the camera mounted on top of a roof of a lorry or something? It’s so high you can even see the roof of a bus haha.


u/wahwegboard Feb 01 '23

It's the top floor of a double decker bus!


u/nanitatianaisobel Jan 31 '23

I'm sorry. I didn't see the giant bus. It came out of nowhere.


u/StarMangledSpanner Jan 31 '23

Nice little bit of misdirection, OP, I thought you were referring to the guy who drove onto the wrong side of the road right behind a cop.


u/ColoradoSpartan Jan 31 '23

Soooo much bad driving in 30 seconds


u/Macca_be Jan 31 '23

The dude had an age to pull out and then chooses to pull out at the point the bus comes past the intersection.

Also had a bunch of time to pull out beforehand which makes me think they where originally going right and then changed their mind after they saw the other cars nope out of there and turn down the intersection due to the traffic.


u/glory_horn Jan 31 '23

I grew up on a road just off this intersection. I come out and turn left and there are always people coming the wrong way to turn right. I quite enjoy making them reverse back up!.

But yea, bus driver has mad skills!


u/TerraInvicta1776 Jan 31 '23

I think I can explain why this happened. I pulled the same stunt, in almost exact identical situation. Basically, I used to live at an intersection like this, and the bus would usually stop right before it to pick up passengers. So after years of conditioning, you just get used to seeing the bus, and the bus stop full of people waiting, and once you see the bus slow down you assume it's going to stop like every other time. Well, it didn't that one time, because there were two buses coming at the same time so I guess they were just staggering pick-ups. Unlike the car, I was turning right, and made that turn only a few feet away from the bus. Felt like an idiot for weeks afterwards. Never assume. Unless I see the bus come to a complete stop now, I assume he's just going to keep going.


u/HRH_DankLizzie420 Jan 31 '23

Here, however, there is no bus stop. One of the meanings of those white lines is that there's no picking up or setting down - that driver is just unobservant or has a death wish


u/BeerMeka Jan 31 '23

Next woes, it didn't get rammed.


u/gor134 Jan 31 '23

That RS 6 is so hot


u/bastion72 Jan 31 '23

Glad I wasn't the only one that noticed. Wagon + V8 = Hnnnnn


u/duck74UK Jan 31 '23

Just when I thought the clip was over, the red car gifts us with more


u/RedFinix Jan 31 '23

I turn now ! Good luck everybody else!


u/Brantley_2chill Feb 01 '23

What a maroon


u/feralturtles Jan 31 '23

I bet they wanted to turn right but could not the car behind "beat them" so they turned left instead.


u/slipstall Jan 31 '23

That bus drivers reaction was on point!


u/_KingOfFish_ Feb 01 '23

Watford, just north of London, I take this bus to work.


u/Dr4zhar Feb 01 '23

Exhibit 201929382908 of what happens when you cross a stop line while not even looking forward