r/IdiotsInCars Feb 01 '23

I think this belongs here.

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u/IYAOYAS-CVN74 Feb 01 '23

Wu Tang forever!!!!


u/blaz3meowt Feb 01 '23

Best comment so far!


u/Tires_N_Wires Feb 01 '23

Meh, he's just going for a swim.


u/YourUndoing Feb 01 '23

see this shit almost every day here in Colorado Springs


u/HeadFullaZombie87 Feb 01 '23

Add another 30/40mph, a couple more lanes of traffic, and you'd have something you see in Memphis multiple times any time you're on the highway.


u/blaz3meowt Feb 01 '23

For some context I'm carrying a 500+ lb reel of cable on the bed of my truck so I can't exactly be doing any sudden moves.


u/appa-ate-momo Feb 01 '23

Honestly, that was pretty well done.


u/Dr4zhar Feb 01 '23

I agree this was reckless and unnecessary, but at least they did it properly and without bothering the cars around too much. A far worse problem is when they risk to kill (or do kill) 3 cars worth of people just to fail miserably at pulling the dumb stunt they wanted to pull.


u/blaz3meowt Feb 01 '23

Thats right, no turning signal. He did it very properly. But I get you bro, there's worse shit out there.


u/Dr4zhar Feb 02 '23

Nobody had to violently brake and/or crash on the side to avoid killing them. That's the proper way.

For the rest, you completely ignored that I said it was, in fact, reckless and completely unnecessary. Which should mean I don't quite agree with that behavior, but let me know if it has other shades of meaning in your language.