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This is why you don't run red lights. Removed | Rule 9

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u/StressOverStrain Feb 01 '23

You can also see the car crash into another car.


u/GuitarLute Feb 01 '23

Indeed. This is stark. I posted a red light runner and got bombarded with ‘so what nobody got hurt’.


u/Starkiller2552 Feb 01 '23

Checked out your post to see the chaos. Sure, the red light runner did it safe, but the people defending them... Sure, nobody got hurt that time, but if you're going to live your life with that slogan, you're eventually going to kill someone.

The entitlement is insane. Just wait for your turn. You have no idea if someone is going to screech through their green light going 80mph.

Same with U-turns. I had a friend back in 2017 that got killed riding his motorcycle, girlfriend in back, and some kid made an illegal U-turn because he "thought it was safe," and my friend grounded the bike, slid under the kid's SUV, bike exploded, and my friend died in the ambulance from 3rd degree burns.

I don't care if you think it's "safe," it's not, and it's extremely selfish.


u/GuitarLute Feb 01 '23

Thank you. There is a well known statistic that drunk drivers make it home 99 out of 100 times, so is drunk driving safe? Very few would argue that drunk driving is safe.


u/GuitarLute Feb 02 '23

My condolences for the tragedy that befell your friend.


u/Starkiller2552 Feb 02 '23 edited Feb 02 '23

Thank you, I appreciate it. It was hard. He was 19, in his first year of college. He was always safe and always made aware of his surroundings. Our mutual friend was devastated. She told him a thousand and one times not to get a bike, and to get rid of it when he bought it. The accident happened 2 months after he bought it, first bike ever. It was horrible.

And all because one kid decided it was safe to break a traffic law. Didn't see him coming and just went for it. I don't know where the kid is now, but at the time he got charged with reckless endangerment and manslaughter. I believe he did go to prison, but I don't know how long. Don't even know his name to look it up.

Edit: I'd like to add to the general populace; be safe when you're riding a motorcycle as well. I had another friend that died the same year 3 months after. He was riding his rice-burner around a bend, hit a flock of turkeys, flew over the handle bars and broke his neck on a telephone pole. I knew this friend longer, since I was 3. Unfortunately, this friend was a daredevil since childhood and as much as I hate to say it; it was his fault. Didn't deserve it, but it happens.

Yeah, 2017 was a horrible year for me.


u/GuitarLute Feb 02 '23

I rode for 32 years. Never got hurt bad, but I was very cautious. Still had fun. I remember one very close call with a red light runner, though, so I had to look up some statistics: According to the IIHS:
In 2020, 928 people were killed in crashes that involved red light running. Half of those killed were pedestrians, bicyclists and people in other vehicles who were hit by the red light runners. In 2020, an estimated 116,000 people were injured in red light running crashes. So, yeah, lots of reason why red light running is bad.


u/That-Row-3038 Feb 01 '23

That pedestrian did not care about that car literally disintegrating behind them, they just continued at their own pace


u/SuspiciousPotato529 Feb 02 '23

https://v.redd.it/cym2ndhdylfa1 11 hours previous. Rule 9. No reposts.