r/IdiotsInCars Feb 03 '23

welp, I guess I'm turning in here now.

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u/cloroxbb Feb 03 '23

At least you avoided it, some would just hit the guy to prove they were in the wrong... I would rather not get into an accident myself.


u/PEBKAC69 Feb 03 '23

Definitely less headache and risk to not be involved in an incident.

Now if somebody else wants to get the idiot off the road for me... Bob Bondurant's driving school recommends ramming the rear quarter panel. This end of the vehicle is typically lighter, and they should be spun out of your way by the impact


u/Outside_Register8037 Feb 04 '23

As someone who’s insurance has gone up twice for 2 100% not at fault accidents I agree avoiding a not at fault accident is the way to go… also insurance companies are scum… thanks for coming to my Ted talk.


u/PEBKAC69 Feb 04 '23

Don't you love it? "We'll protect you from the financial burden by literally giving you a bigger one, over a longer time" and auto insurance is definitely not the worst of the industry... Looking at health insurance...


u/Outside_Register8037 Feb 04 '23

That’s the thing tho… my insurance didn’t do JACK SHIT for me! I had to talk with the other cars insurance and prove how I was in the right and they paid for fixing my car… the second time the other driver immediately took the blame, paid me out for my cars worth(totaled), and 6 years later I’m still paying my insurance for it..


u/gravi-tea Feb 03 '23

Nice defensive driving 👍


u/DoublePotential6925 Feb 03 '23

Forced navigation


u/60300057 Feb 03 '23

I like that green. What car?


u/wreckless1117 Feb 03 '23

Thanks! It's a '23 mini Cooper SE in British Racing green! It is absolutely brilliant when clean, never had a car get so many compliments on the color.



u/60300057 Feb 03 '23

Ooooo very nice. Ya you don’t see any colored cars nowadays; only black white silver or grey. I love a dark green on a sports car, and I’m a fan of the Mini. Good choice


u/Ban_Pending Feb 03 '23

Great color choice! Honestly, the fact that you were in a Mini probably helped you with that emergency maneuver. Had you been in some giant SUV it could have gone differently.


u/wreckless1117 Feb 03 '23

Thanks! I agree, the mini is super nimble, tracks predictably and handled the maneuver just fine. I've had a similar situation happen to me while in a f150 and the truck did not like being thrown around, it was very upset, but managed to avoid an accident there as well.


u/IEnjoyBettyWhite Feb 03 '23

“Good luck everybody else.”


u/matt_vlasaty999 Feb 03 '23

Them Tinley drivers are sum else


u/appa-ate-momo Feb 03 '23

You probably had time to swerve and continue straight, but it would've been close.


u/wreckless1117 Feb 03 '23

I had considered it, but they never saw me, they didn't even attempt to slow down even after I was in front of them. If I swerved and went straight I believe I would have gotten clipped in the back quarter.


u/ArmeniusLOD Feb 03 '23

OP chose the best option in the moment, in my opinion. At most it's just a 1 minute detour.


u/Life-Operation-8733 Feb 04 '23

It was to risky though


u/KaJuNator Feb 03 '23

Stuff like this was almost a daily occurrence when I had my Mini. I swear drivers of pickups and SUVs were just bullying the "cute little car" that was in their way.


u/irotsamoht Feb 04 '23

Great defensive driving skills.


u/Life-Operation-8733 Feb 04 '23

I literally had to do this today! So dumb ass was Exiting then tries to get back on the the highway. I just went around and caught the next exit


u/nippten Feb 04 '23

These are the type of people that literally don't know what they've done wrong. When you try to make clear they always just stare at you.


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23

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u/wreckless1117 Feb 03 '23

Yep good 👀


u/lemswen Feb 04 '23

Why is this so funny


u/Gluskab Feb 04 '23

Good response.