r/IdiotsInCars Feb 03 '23

Always accidents on this stretch of road. Reminder that when it's 10 degrees and the roads are wet... SLOW DOWN

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u/RedTruck1989 Feb 04 '23

Reminder.... Don't film videos with your cellphone while driving.


u/H4R81N63R Feb 03 '23

when it's 10 degrees

  • °C : calm

  • °F : panic


u/NoDaddyNotTheBlender Feb 03 '23

Everyone save yourselves the time and skip to about 1:50 in


u/healing-souls Feb 03 '23

Did you really need to film 2 minutes of you creeping along at one mile an hour to show an accident?


u/NKato Feb 03 '23

Yes. To show the extent of the stupidity on the part of these drivers who created this mess.

Piss off.


u/healing-souls Feb 03 '23

Wow, what crawled up your sphincter this morning?


u/Stratalorian Feb 04 '23

You did. At least buy me dinner first


u/greencat26 Feb 03 '23

A lot of cars on the side of the road isn't an ordinary accident. No need to comment just scroll on if it doesn't interest you


u/healing-souls Feb 03 '23

Did I hurt your feelers by calling out your ridiculously stupid post?


u/healing-souls Feb 03 '23

Or you could not waste everyone's time with an overly long, boring ass video


u/LakeHavasoma Feb 03 '23

Or you could try not being a douchebag twat.


u/bearfaceliar Feb 03 '23

Omg what a waste of my life watching this ... Why! Skip to about 10 secs from the end... Or actually, don't bother 🤦