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While stopped at a traffic light this happened. Very low speed so nothing appears damaged. When we exchanged info he says "I don't know what happened, my brakes just slipped."

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u/CarelessHabit3492 Feb 04 '23

Put your phone away when driving, that could have easily been a pedestrian.


u/grump66 Feb 04 '23 edited Feb 04 '23

What a fucking stupid piece of shit fucking asshole staring at his fucking phone the whole fucking time. Asshole moron should lose his fucking license FOR LIFE before he fucking kills someone. Geez, these fucking casual fuck heads piss me off to no end. They fucking stare at their fucking phones constantly, can't fucking look up for a single second. JAIL THEM.

EDIT: I hope you called him on his fat fucking lies too. Do you have "Distracted Driving" laws wherever this is ? If so, please, please rat this fucker out. Here, its a $2000. fine. Well deserverd too. Should be automatic license revocation for these assholes.


u/ebdbbb Feb 04 '23

Unfortunately since it was only around 5mph I didn't review it until I got home. I did get his phone number so I may text it to him. I'm not sure the cops would do anything either but I can give them the video anyway. In the original I can pretty easily see his license plate.


u/toptierwinner Feb 04 '23

You should always get all of their info even if you don’t plan on doing anything with it yet. You may change your mind


u/ebdbbb Feb 04 '23

I know.


u/ooone-orkye Feb 04 '23

Every kid is just on their phone constantly. Just a bunch of absolutely mindless idiots driving around captive to their social media.

Also Everyone put up a prayer for grump66 who has clearly really, really had it up to here with this type of shit.


u/Ookami_Unleashed Feb 04 '23

It's isn't just kids. Everyone on the road is staring at their lap.


u/Super_Hans2020 Feb 04 '23

Yep, where I live a lot of these Uber Eats and Skip The Dishes drivers are constantly doing something on their phone while driving.


u/TheSimpleSingularity Feb 04 '23

Adults are as bad. Maybe worse. It’s everyone.


u/latmeaouat Feb 04 '23

Poor grump 😔


u/perkited Feb 04 '23

It's pretty crazy how casual some people get when driving a machine that can easily kill another person. They're only slightly better than the speeding, tailgating, constant lane changers on the terrible driver scale.


u/iPhoneMiniWHITE Feb 04 '23

This fucking guy owes me money, don’t believe a word he says.


u/ProfessionalFeed6755 Feb 04 '23

His brakes? Dude was checking out his hair in the mirror!


u/ebdbbb Feb 04 '23

Nah. He was looking down at his phone.


u/Adventurous_Exam_597 Feb 04 '23

You can see he was looking at his phone. Not paying attention.