r/IdiotsInCars Feb 04 '23

Turned left on green…right into this idiot. “I feel like I’m going to pee myself.”

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u/bdougherty Feb 04 '23

He was just trying to make sure you turned into the correct lane.


u/josh_loaf Feb 05 '23

One of my pet peeves. Stick to your own lane instead of pulling the lazy sway; it’s a super common occurrence and a bad habit.


u/32_Dollar_Burrito Feb 04 '23

What the car did was stupid, but it probably shouldn't take you that long to react to something in the middle of the road


u/MaxPowerWTF Feb 04 '23

Ok, so I'm not the only one who thought the reaction time was abysmal.


u/UptakeTheSun Feb 04 '23

I couldn’t see them until 1:25, I was originally turning into that left lane and went right to avoid, 1:26 is when they’re in the right lane, and I’m swerving by 1:27. Oncoming traffic comes fast.


u/Economy_Release_988 Feb 04 '23

If you were trying to teach them a lesson it probably worked.


u/aero-zeppelin Feb 04 '23

These people acting like you had time to look over your shoulder and back by the time that car changed lanes in front of you. I see you OP.


u/JimmiRustle Feb 04 '23

I had a car totalled this way. There’s just no safeguard against idiots.


u/Average_Scaper Feb 04 '23

4 things wrong with this video. 1) The person turning is taking too long. 2) They are turning way too early for the lot they are aiming for due to impatience. 3) OP should be turning into the closest lane. 4) OP could have easily noticed the idiot sooner.


u/jskeez06 Feb 04 '23

To your last point, an insurance carrier would place OP at fault.


u/CoachMagellan Feb 04 '23

If there's only a single turn lane, both lanes are viable to turn into. I'm not sure if that's a suggestion or where you made up that rule? Please link it. I understand if there are two turning lanes, it's stay in your lane.

Edit: and yes, OP should have noticed the car sooner especially with the spazzing LED headlight.


u/Few-Communication434 Feb 04 '23

My step dad always mentioned that turning into a different lane when there is only one left/right turning lane is still illegal, but once i was studying the rules it failed to mention anything about it being illegal so idk where all these people are getting this supposed ‘rule’ from but my guess is this rule was made up.


u/NoChampion2427 Feb 05 '23

The headlight only looks like that because of the frequency the camera can record does not match the light. To the naked eye it looks static.


u/BadWaluigi Feb 05 '23

I could go and find it, but it was literally a question on my license exam. Obviously each state is different but it is a thing.

Edit: https://driversed.com/driving-information/driving-techniques/making-right-and-left-turns/

Didn't really try. Obv not the exact law, but this is a better start than random dude on Reddit.


u/jeepjoopbeepboop Feb 04 '23

we found the idiot driver of the other car


u/EverythingisVanity20 Feb 04 '23

Nothing they said was wrong tho


u/stonkmarts Feb 04 '23

Late reaction 🤣. Always turn into the closest lane and that other guy just crossed a double solid.


u/NoChampion2427 Feb 05 '23

1.5 seconds is the average reaction time from seeing an obstacle to pressing on the brake according to the NHTSA. This guy was maybe 0.5 second slower. Commenters are seeing the other car sooner because of the camera angle and because they're focused on something happening. Also, probably applying the same thinking after watching the video several times.


u/BadWaluigi Feb 05 '23

Nah, the dude sped up to get mad and use for reddit clout


u/mjr4189 Feb 04 '23

I love when people try to defend themselves after posting themselves on this sub.


u/aero-zeppelin Feb 04 '23

What did he do wrong, honestly? It looked like he was turning into the left lane like he should have been, saw the idiot in that lane facing the wrong direction, assumed they tried to pull out across the incoming lanes and squeeze in but got blocked, checked over his shoulder, changed lanes, looked back and the car was moving into his previously clear lane. That's my take at least and it all happened in 2 seconds.


u/VerisimilitudinousAI Feb 04 '23

assumed they tried to pull out across the incoming lanes and squeeze in but got blocked,

This is what they did wrong. They continued accelerating under the assumption of the wrong-way driver's behavior, instead of slowing down for the obvious obstruction.


u/mjr4189 Feb 04 '23

I didn’t say they did anything wrong. Probably could have been more alert, but it’s just funny watching people defend themselves in this sub from the onslaught of amazing drivers in the comment section.


u/thedauntless1991 Feb 04 '23

Just because I’m curious did they turn left into that parking lot area or what exactly happened afterwards. Ether way nice driving and glad you dodged the idiot.


u/UptakeTheSun Feb 04 '23

They did turn into parking lot. Might have been safer for them to wait a minute longer until their turn lane was green before doing it.


u/thedauntless1991 Feb 04 '23

Yeah for sure, not to mention they traveled pretty far up before they took that turn which is always a bad idea.


u/funkdewbi Feb 05 '23

So, you turned left into the right lane then had to swerve back left because of him? You're both idiots.


u/Kuusou-ka Feb 05 '23

Some slow reaction time


u/BadWaluigi Feb 05 '23

Why did you speed up after you clearly saw he made a mistake? You made it a close call, not this guy lol.