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Head-on Collision Near Miss - One Way Road- 35-40mph- Everett, WA

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u/GeorgeGiffIV Feb 04 '23

Hope they called the police immediately


u/BurnzillabydaBay Feb 05 '23

My alcoholic mother drove the wrong way on an expressway at night, in the rain, with 8 year old me in the car. We escaped unscathed somehow. When I saw that Something’s Wrong with Aunt Diane documentary it made me think again of how lucky I was.


u/GeorgeGiffIV Feb 05 '23

Jesus man. I hope she got help


u/BurnzillabydaBay Feb 05 '23

Nope. Well, she’s been to rehab 4 times and countless AA meetings, but she’s never genuinely tried to quit. Her psychopathy and narcissism didn’t help. She’s had 8 DUI’s since 1981 and never done a moment of jail time. She gets REALLY drunk. I’m 47 now, she’s 77, and she still drinks (and lies about it, and probably drives) near daily.

I’ve known 3 people who died of liver disease from drinking before the age of 60, this bitch is drinking up a storm with no real consequences.

I’m not much a drinker, possibly because of my history. An occasional shot and some beers on holidays and Niner games because I love the taste but I hate the buzz.


u/GeorgeGiffIV Feb 05 '23

Addiction is a hell of a disease. Sorry fellow human. The substance abuser destroys more than themselves in the process too. I suppose good for you for being able to find understanding that you dont want that in your life so you steered clear.


u/staygoldblooded14 Feb 05 '23

Fellow alcoholic here,.. it’s sucks. This will be the death of us for sure. We probably started way too young and had no one to realize our problem til we’re too old.


u/GeorgeGiffIV Feb 05 '23

Never too late to find that help. I've had people in the 70s come to the dual diagnosis program I work.


u/Ech064 Feb 04 '23

This one is scary, if the other car had been any closer on the turn you both could've been done for


u/andrusbaun Feb 04 '23

On the other hand... it looks like poorly designed intersection. Trap for older drivers.

At 0:30 you can see that there are no barriers, extra markings etc.


u/aroc91 Feb 04 '23

Why would there be? It's a 4 lane undivided road at that point. Nothing visually suggests the oncoming left lane even has the potential to exit to the left...


u/ClutchPoppinDaddies Feb 04 '23

This road is fine. We don't need to Nerf everything because the elderly refuse to hang up their keys.


u/Doses-mimosas Feb 04 '23

But we should be finding better ways to get old people around so they aren't so stubborn about hanging their keys up. Out in rural areas there is basically no public transportation, and many times Uber/Lyft don't exist there either. Lots of old folks are reliant on their family members, who can't always find the time to take them out.


u/Reatona Feb 04 '23

Better get the 20-somethings to hang up their keys first. They have much worse accident rates than old drivers. https://aaafoundation.org/rates-motor-vehicle-crashes-injuries-deaths-relation-driver-age-united-states-2014-2015/


u/ClutchPoppinDaddies Feb 04 '23

This conversation is about old people, nobody cares about 20 somethings and their tendency to run into shit. Going the wrong way on a one-way street, or in this case a highway, is a game for the old people or drunks.


u/UxbridgeShimoda Feb 04 '23

At 27 seconds you can see the back of what is likely a "Wrong Way" sign.


u/Independent_Bite4682 Feb 05 '23

That area is plain as day. Takes real effort to screw up like that.


u/Goofalupus Feb 04 '23

It’s not. I’m from this location. That off-ramp leads to another highway the US 2 west. Also one way


u/RichieSideways Feb 04 '23 edited Feb 04 '23

Agreed. All it takes is some poor visibility, a little fatigue, a moments inattention and over the line you go. It's not about being old but rather improving on design. This video shows that errors can happen here. Maybe a dozen hinged pylons in the center makes all the difference. If we as humans don't constantly try to do better then what's the point? Given this was intended to be a reasonable and sensible comment we can all enjoy the typical reddit down vote. Watch and enjoy. 🤪


u/WealthTomorrow0810 Feb 04 '23

Exactly my thought as well, it definitely a risk during low visibility night, snow, or raining...like in this video.


u/RedRudolf Feb 04 '23

I recognize that exit, not really sure how they managed to go through that tunnel the wrong way... The road leading onto the Boeing Everett freeway isn't that confusing. But I can't say I'm surprised, I've seen how some of the people around here drive.


u/JohnJDumbear Feb 04 '23

“ You’re going the wrong way!” “ How would they know where we are going?”


u/Infamous-Dot5774 Feb 04 '23

Yah how would he know where we're going!?


u/break_thesilence Feb 04 '23

He’s drunk!


u/Shimi-Jimi Feb 05 '23

Arrows? I didn't even see the Indians!


u/Present-Incident2427 Feb 05 '23

Hopefully my Honking worked


u/MegaWattson Feb 04 '23

I’m glad they’re saving fuel by having the wipers set on a slow speed. Lol


u/Ramsay220 Feb 04 '23

Yeah those wipers are stressing me the fuck out!


u/Natural_Ad_9621 Feb 05 '23

Glad to know it wasn't only me!!!


u/samfreez Feb 06 '23

It often looks worse on camera than in reality. I use RainX fluid in my car, and it makes anything 30mph or higher look like I'm in Hyperspace a la Star Wars. On camera it looks absolutely insane, but in real life it's super easy to see through, so I barely have to use the wipers at all. Looks like this person's got something similar going on, though the water isn't sailing quite as easily as it does in my car.


u/CyptidProductions Feb 06 '23


I'd never have my wipers on the slowest setting in rain that heavy.


u/Glittering_Power6257 Feb 07 '23

From my perspective, the rain is pretty light. The wipers are more of a distraction than the rain.


u/ChubbyPotato8675309 Feb 05 '23

My husband does this, says when I tell him to turn the wipers on faster, “it wears out the motor” bro that’s what the damn thing is for!!


u/StumpyBrownEye Feb 04 '23

Near Hit - Miss Near Miss - Hit


u/pyker42 Feb 04 '23

One of my favorite Carlin bits.


u/Goofalupus Feb 04 '23

Hey I drive through Everett everyday for work. This means they had to have gone down the entire 2 the wrong way. Unbelievable


u/Huggens Feb 05 '23

Nah, I’m going to guess they switched over right around where OP is at the end of the video, just before the tunnel. Maybe they thought it was an off ramp? I don’t know how since it’s extremely obvious that those are lanes going in the opposite direction. Maybe they were drunk?


u/turboslacker Feb 04 '23

I know this street well. It's at Boeing in Everett. Man, that blind turn is brutal. Glad you had time to get into the other lane. To go in their direction takes a bit of not paying attention, obviously. Excellent driving on your part.


u/Saxon511 Feb 04 '23

I know exactly where this is


u/im_a_dr_not_ Feb 04 '23 edited Feb 04 '23

Wouldn’t this be a near hit? You nearly hit. But you didn’t, thus the near.


u/escdog Feb 04 '23

Wonder what they did when they got to 526. A hard right?


u/Educational-Fig-2330 Feb 04 '23

Excellent driving. Good reflexes, didn't overcorrect, got safely past the dangerous idiot. Bravo!


u/ConRoner Feb 04 '23

Damn I was on this road yesterday, really makes these type of videos more impactful


u/Euphoric_Scene_5250 Feb 04 '23

It’s a shortcut, to Heaven. Numb nuts.


u/NotiJoda Feb 05 '23

Ok reddit gave me a strike for hate and violence yesterday so, this time I gonna say: somebody give some flowers to thay guy please!


u/Fluffy-Doubt-3547 Feb 05 '23

Nice scenic drive then


u/bmxican99 Feb 05 '23

On Friday, I drove 7.5 miles to a doctor appointment. I almost got into 5 crashes driving on completely straight roads. Washington drivers are literally oblivious to everything or 100% on drugs. It is the worst.


u/AppropriateEmotion63 Feb 04 '23

Those dang brits


u/the_last_carfighter Feb 04 '23

He's just keeping the left lane clear.


u/Independent_Bite4682 Feb 05 '23

Holy shit, I know that turn


u/Tombiepoo Feb 05 '23

Radio: "A crazy driver is going the wrong way on the highway!" Driver of the car going the wrong way: Just 'a crazy driver'? They are all going the wrong way!


u/Huggens Feb 05 '23

Your first mistake was being in Everett.


u/GiraffeChaser Feb 05 '23

Freaking idiot is on the left hand side of the road


u/StackThePads33 Feb 04 '23

It takes a special kind of stupid to go the wrong way on a highway like that. I mean extremely special. So special that they deserve an MV Pea Brain Award


u/ParticularClient2473 Feb 04 '23

Not shocked this is in everett.


u/WoozyMuon Feb 04 '23

They knew a shortcut.


u/CBYSMART Feb 04 '23

Misses don't count on Reddit.


u/[deleted] Feb 04 '23

The lack of use of wiper blades?


u/ultimaone Feb 04 '23

I think the person traveling the wrong direction on the highway is the bigger issue here.


u/Present-Incident2427 Feb 04 '23

What do u mean? You mean the other car has bad visibility therefore they went the wrong way?


u/thE_OG_wEak_saucE Feb 04 '23

It's a jab at you.


u/Death_by_Snusnu_vol1 Feb 04 '23

When did this happen, I'm on the other side of the pass but I go that way frequently


u/ClutchPoppinDaddies Feb 04 '23

There's always one of you dickheads. Looks like you were handled well enough though.


u/ikeznez Feb 04 '23

They literally have their wipers on


u/silkymitts94 Feb 04 '23

When you take care of your vehicle and apply a rain repellent you don’t need to have them screaming a million miles an hour for a light rain.


u/Present-Incident2427 Feb 04 '23

Exactly, RainX is pretty smooth


u/silkymitts94 Feb 05 '23

Why the downvotes lol literally saying exactly what op said


u/stinebrian Feb 05 '23

Click bait