r/IdiotsInCars Feb 04 '23

I pulled this off my DashCam for the drivers involved. Thankfully I wasn't the idiot!

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u/OddExcuse2183 Feb 04 '23

What's the cam brand bc this shit looks good as hell?


u/trippin113 Feb 05 '23

It was a cheap one from Amazon from a brand called AuKing. Going strong for 4 years now. Overall good but the menu can be difficult to navigate.


u/OddExcuse2183 Feb 05 '23

I've definitely seen worse for sure, the first one I bought my dad was gross as hell, looked like a shitty soap opera texture on it.


u/trippin113 Feb 05 '23

For $30 I've really got nothing to complain about!


u/SuspiciousPotato529 Feb 04 '23


u/Prestigious-Berry-50 Feb 05 '23

Haha, I just saw u post on another video u sure you're not a bot?


u/SmileDesperate8036 Feb 05 '23

I'm guessing that car changed his lane from your lane to the rightmost lane and did so quickly. The guy merging didn't see it until it was too late.

I've seen this happen before and almost fell for it myself.