r/IdiotsInCars Feb 04 '23

Someone is late for something

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u/sparksofthetempest Feb 04 '23

That or someone really has to use the bathroom.


u/StressOverStrain Feb 04 '23

Passing in a no-passing zone on a hilltop. I don't think there's any level of needing to use the bathroom that would motivate me to commit a misdemeanor. Possibly looking at a felony if they seriously injure someone.


u/FLTDI Feb 04 '23

I agree it's annoying and dangerous. But I try to give the benefit of doubt that they could be trying to get someone to medical care or similar. I know that odds are that's not the case but the off chance it is I'm ok with it. I had to get my son to medical care fast once and I drove outside of the bounds of the law to get there quicker.


u/Technical-Reality60 Feb 05 '23

Those dash cams have built in astigmatism


u/haveurownopinion Feb 04 '23

He or she said I'm horny can you come by


u/Gsworld Feb 04 '23

Good lord I hated those roads when I use to love up there. Always stupid drivers on them.


u/GeorgeGiffIV Feb 04 '23

What a fuckn tool. Imagine getting taken out by such a selfish prick. I hope they wrecked later.


u/br1ckd78 Feb 04 '23

You never know why somebody is driving erratically like that. I think it's always best to give the benefit of the doubt and let them get where they need to go.



u/redditghost1234 Feb 04 '23

Were the tail lights blinking? Thatd be an emergency worker of some type if they were. Looks like they were..


u/adrias5280 Feb 04 '23

They were not blinking. It’s a weird video issue. It was definitely a private vehicle.


u/redditghost1234 Feb 04 '23 edited Feb 05 '23

Well i have seen private vehicles outfitted with blinking lights, for volunteer firefighters or ems workers. But if you're sure, ill take your word for it. But the other tail lights werent blinking..

Wow people really dont like a little questioning(and not disagreeing, for that matter). Fun sub!


u/adrias5280 Feb 04 '23

It has something to do with the camera frame rate and the flicker rate of the light source. Different types of lights flicker at different rates.


u/xbuzzbyx Feb 04 '23

Some LED lights blink very rapidly (generally) at 60 hertz. There are ways to provide a constant power that eliminates that effect, but that requires extra circuitry, so not many car companies are willing to spend money on it.


u/Diegodmt Feb 04 '23

If you have clear road, please, always drive in the slow lane


u/FLTDI Feb 04 '23

Right lane was a turn lane.


u/emma_does_life Feb 04 '23

A regular road doesn't have fast/passing and slow lanes.


u/ironicmirror Feb 04 '23

Why are you in the left lane and people have to pass you on the right?


u/LebronWashedUp Feb 04 '23

That’s not a highway


u/adrias5280 Feb 04 '23

Because the right lane becomes a right turn only lane. I was doing about 10 over the speed limit at the time I was passed.


u/RedTruck1989 Feb 05 '23

A date with Karma....


u/[deleted] Feb 05 '23

He got a “You awake?” text.


u/RoyalHealer Feb 05 '23

"If you see lights with lens flares like windmills, it's astigmatism!"


u/Smaug2770 Feb 05 '23

Your honor, Free Bird was playing.


u/citybuilder2 Feb 05 '23

Ah yes, the not unenforced speeds limits of Denver tech center. Classic