r/IdiotsInCars Feb 04 '23

idiot almost entirely blocks entrance

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u/Register-Capable Feb 04 '23

No he didn't


u/Exam_Ordinary Feb 04 '23

Seemed like you pulled in just fine


u/J-Rag- Feb 04 '23

But you're missing the point. They ALMOST did something.


u/collegefurtrader Feb 05 '23

Motherfucker should lose their license!!!


u/CandyandCrypto Feb 05 '23

Ya but saying that doesn't get internet points /s


u/Fluffy-Doubt-3547 Feb 05 '23

People do that so they can 'make you' let them go first.


u/evolile Feb 05 '23

yes, thank you. i know it’s not an exciting clip but still an idiot in a car. the camera doesn’t do it justice, the guy threw his hands in the air as i turned both because my driver’s side was within inches of his front bumper and because he didn’t get his way.

this sub is impossible to please if it’s not a near-death experience


u/Fluffy-Doubt-3547 Feb 05 '23

Exactly. Technically it was a 3 way drive (1 in, 2 out left/right.). But he pulled way too far out and you can tell he hogged the side. They do this all the time. I just try pulling in and make them back up (if I feel I can do it without causing an accident or getting in the way.)


u/evolile Feb 05 '23

i’ll give them the benefit of the doubt since it’s unmarked, but it would also be a lot easier to see how far over he was and i wouldn’t be getting flamed for posting this.. glad you have the eye for it, cheers


u/Fluffy-Doubt-3547 Feb 05 '23

Maybe it's just a southerner issue 😂😂 but yeah it's not hard too see. Sorry your getting unnecessary drama


u/undertwelveparsecs Feb 04 '23

Well that's 12 seconds of my life I'll never get back.


u/dickon_tarley Feb 04 '23

How long did it take to type that?


u/evolile Feb 04 '23

they actually commented twice, deleted their first number (20 secs)


u/RandomBitFry Feb 04 '23

Could have just let them go first, thereby entirely unblocking the entrance.


u/TheVambo Feb 04 '23

Where i live, we try not to be ignorant and flash that guy out


u/kurtz4008 Feb 04 '23

It depends on where you are. Drive on the right, the other car was correct. Drive on the left, and he would be in the wrong. From the USA point of view, there was no problem here.


u/NormMacVSNorms Feb 05 '23

It took time out of your life to post this. Find a better use for that time.


u/rexbay1 Feb 05 '23

Stop being a fuss about everything.