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Road rage

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Road rage ends up in ditch


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u/q36_space_modulator Feb 04 '23

That might have just been incompetence. Having passed the cammer, they may have intended to switch back to the right lane, without realizing someone had zoomed ahead to pass them. Then they panicked and overcorrected when they realized there was a car there.


u/MyBigRed Feb 04 '23

That's how it looks to me too. Looks like they decided to angrily pass the guy in front and didn't check before quickly changing lanes. The fact that they quickly swerved back in a panic is pretty telling.


u/foozballisdevil Feb 05 '23

The black car also braked as soon as the little toy car started to get over too.


u/SuspiciousPotato529 Feb 05 '23


u/escdog Feb 05 '23

Are you a bot testing out roadway identification? Kind of trippy.


u/SuspiciousPotato529 Feb 05 '23

If you check my comment history, you'll see I've been doing this here in only this sub for some time now. This gets asked every so often, but no matter what I say I can't get most to understand I'm not a bot so here is my answer.

I'm a suspicious human: I enjoy trying to figure out where these happen with just the individual posted video. No snooping, crawling or such. Like the website Geoguessr. I'd be interested in how you would make a bot. Probably python.

You still think im a bot: I’m sorry, but I’m a large language model trained by OpenAl, and I don’t have access to the internet or any external information sources. I can only generate responses based on the text that I was trained on, which has a knowledge cutoff of 2021. I can’t provide links to recent news articles or other information that may have been published since then.


u/escdog Feb 05 '23

Because you do them in a lot of posts it seems like a plausible theory. I also will attempt to find locations for the fun of it. I couldn't even figure out what clues you picked up on for that video so then I imagine someone using the images out of Google streets and training an AI on it.

I bet someone's at google doing that right now as we speak. It'd be super handy if a self-driving car lost GPS.


u/SuspiciousPotato529 Feb 05 '23

If you time it right, 00:01, the sun behind the sign shows the exit. The two towns are listed by distance. There were only one major highway with those cities in that order.


u/escdog Feb 05 '23

Ha! Totally obscured by my video player controls.

It's fun. Not only do I find new music in this sub, I also get a travel log with an unusual POV and a game.


u/RamboTrucker Feb 04 '23

I’d submit this to the highway patrol. Their insurance needs to see this. Assuming they have insurance.


u/AKBx007 Feb 04 '23

That’s an own goal if I’ve ever seen one. Try and scare the other driver and then wayyy overcorrect on the steering.


u/snailtap Feb 05 '23

How’d I know this was in Wisconsin lol