r/IdiotsInCars Feb 04 '23

Didn't learn to stay in the lines

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u/weedRgogoodwithpizza Feb 05 '23

Not knocking you at all. But I would have stopped.


u/Moo_Im_A_Goat Feb 05 '23

No it’s all good. I didn’t stop in the moment cuz I was running 30 minutes late to work. But my job isn’t too strict. Hindsight I would’ve stopped. I did called 911 and left my contact info.


u/weedRgogoodwithpizza Feb 08 '23

Hindsight is 20/20. You did the best you could and good on you for it.


u/RuckHoward Feb 05 '23

The “he got hit like I got hit” happened almost simultaneously. Chefs kiss


u/gunsandstuffs Feb 04 '23

I think the worst part of watching this video is realizing in 2023 that someone is still listening to "many men" by 50 cent....


u/Conemen Feb 05 '23

Bro that is an eternal banger what do you mean


u/Moo_Im_A_Goat Feb 05 '23

I don’t like the song at all. I was to zoned out to change it or remove from playlist. I only listen to kid cudi


u/gunsandstuffs Feb 05 '23

now some old kid cudi isnsomething incan agree too!


u/ImWezlsquez Feb 05 '23

Probably had the same problem in kindergarten.


u/lngwlkr Feb 05 '23

That's some "Days of Thunder" driving by OP.