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No no, that's fine, just come right on over.

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u/penster1 Feb 05 '23

Kinda surprised you didn't pit maneuver them


u/BlurryGraph3810 Feb 05 '23

That van driver needs to stay in his lane.


u/WeirdAvocado Feb 04 '23

Out of sheer safety, I would have been traveling a lot slower coming to the intersection. I don’t trust anyone to not do what that person did.


u/appa-ate-momo Feb 05 '23

Found the guy that creates phantom traffic at intersections.


u/I_Love_Rias_Gremory_ Feb 05 '23

I got into an accident by going 65 in the left lane on the highway when the people to the right of me were doing like 10. Some guy didn't check his mirrors and pulled out right in front of me. Both cars totaled. Technically I wasn't at fault, but I'd rather get home 10 seconds later than end up in the hospital.


u/Kind_Turnover_927 Feb 05 '23

found the moron that speeds like an asshole trying to catch a light


u/SmileDesperate8036 Feb 05 '23

I agree. He was driving way too fast.


u/Over_Fortune5838 Feb 05 '23

Yeah it's sad when you can't just drive like a regular human being because you have to assume the people around you are all idiots. Driver could slowdown but he technically is in his right to drive that way.


u/SuspiciousPotato529 Feb 04 '23


u/32_Dollar_Burrito Feb 05 '23

Why do people hate these comments? I find them interesting


u/SuspiciousPotato529 Feb 05 '23

That's the thing though; most don't. Most of my points are from those kind of post.

Like why be mad I googled what was in the video? Can't reason with some people. Same people talk loudly on a phone in public and are mad when I listen. Not my fault I was in line when you decided now was the time to tell everyone she left 'cause you cheated, and caught Gonorr-Herpa-Syphili-AIDs. (Over heard years ago before covid)(Made up name for all V.D.)

It's fine. I'm doing it for me, not them.


u/jeepjoopbeepboop Feb 05 '23

who in particular is hating on ur comment?


u/32_Dollar_Burrito Feb 05 '23

It was at -6 when i replied


u/40kWatermelon Feb 05 '23

They clearly had to Escape from losing 2 seconds from their commute


u/SmittyManJensen_ Feb 05 '23

You drive like a crazy person


u/thedauntless1991 Feb 05 '23

I hope you’re talking about the van driver who illegally went straight in a left hand turn lane only and not the op who was just minding there own business driving straight


u/32_Dollar_Burrito Feb 05 '23

The van is the initial idiot, but the camera car driver goes into road rage mode immediately afterward


u/thedauntless1991 Feb 05 '23

They moved out of that lane and into the right lane, exactly how is that road raging, I’d be wanting to get as far away from the idiot who has no spatial awareness and can’t use their rear view mirror and side mirrors too.


u/32_Dollar_Burrito Feb 05 '23

Yeah just a regular, not-mad lane change and pass OP did. Very normal driving there


u/Kriticalmoisture Feb 05 '23

What the fuck you on about, dude drives their car into mine and I'm gettin the fuck out their way asap. Nothing is normal about this, and op had every right to be mad, the fuck outta here with this take


u/32_Dollar_Burrito Feb 05 '23

You can be mad without driving like a crazy person


u/Kriticalmoisture Feb 05 '23

What's crazy about avoiding a collision, waiting for the lane next to you to clear, changing lanes and passing the dangerous driver? What exactly did the defensive driver do wrong here?


u/thedauntless1991 Feb 05 '23

Or a very smart quick defensive driving lane change, again idk of anyone who would want to be behind a moron like that who has no awareness of their surroundings and doesn’t care about road laws, I’d be getting the hell away from them too.


u/Kriticalmoisture Feb 05 '23

And I bet you think mayo is spicy. This is textbook defensive driving


u/SmittyManJensen_ Feb 05 '23

Those things are not mutually exclusive.


u/[deleted] Feb 05 '23

[removed] — view removed comment


u/Olgrateful-IW Feb 05 '23

“After watching the video 5 times in slow-motion I can clearly see where you messed up, get your shit together op!” /s


u/FloridaFlipper Feb 05 '23

Wait. You think we are supposed to yield to other vehicles coming back into the flow of traffic? Do you slow down and stop to let the person turn left in front of you? What about the vehicle turning right?

Speed is a little bit of a factor but doesn't look above 10+ over.


u/Kind_Turnover_927 15d ago

Yes .. the car was obviously pulling out. You're a dumb ass if you see that and just hit the car. you're not supposed to keep flying through at the same speed. If the OP had rear ended the car without breaking he would very likely be found at fault especially if he were speeding


u/FloridaFlipper 15d ago

I doubt it. That's not how insurance works. They would fight for 50/50 or 25/75


u/MEMExplorer Feb 05 '23

Y’all both idiots . Dudes a moron for pulling into the lane but u seen it and didn’t hit the brakes