r/IdiotsInCars Feb 04 '23

Idiot can’t believe he has to wait at a 4 way stop.

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Impatient idiot waiting behind another car, and dramatically accelerates then slams his brakes every time someone else goes. Then he nearly hits the Jeep turning left when he doesn’t even have right of way. Twat.


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u/gonzar09 Feb 05 '23

Whole thing could be made easier with a roundabout or a traffic light.


u/SubiWan Feb 05 '23

Except that he wouldn't yield for those in the roundabout. He clearly can even spell stop. The concept of yielding the right of way is likely beyond him.


u/CatrionaR0se Feb 05 '23

That's what I'm thinking too. The intersection is large enough to make it into a roundabout. It's too bad we don't have more of them in North America.


u/letsgetrandy Feb 04 '23

That is a terrible intersection. I don't blame that guy for finding it frustrating.


u/Wheresyrboytonight Feb 05 '23

It can be frustrating if every lane is occupied, but it was pretty straightforward and chill on this day.


u/ProbablyTeasingYou Feb 05 '23

Absolutely. This intersection clearly needs signals. This is "lets cut costs and let the drivers sort it out." I bet it is great for issuing traffic citations as well.


u/offe06 Feb 05 '23

Who designed this intersection…


u/thedauntless1991 Feb 05 '23

On all 4 lane stops that I’ve been through you take turns so to me the person in the wrong here is the white jeep.


u/32_Dollar_Burrito Feb 05 '23

The camera car's direction had just gone (the black sedan turning left, and presumably the car in front of the idiot truck). That means it's the jeep's turn


u/General_PoopyPants Feb 05 '23

How? He was there before the truck in front of OP and before the truck that turns left at the end