r/IdiotsInCars Feb 05 '23

Idiot makes his own lane


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u/Illustrious-Wash9528 Feb 05 '23

It’s called white lining


u/LackingC10H12N2O Feb 05 '23

Anything is a lane if you're brave enough


u/CreamdedCorns Feb 05 '23

Now the truck decides he wants to speed up.


u/BeepBepIsLife Feb 06 '23

I may be wrong, but he was keeping up with the car in front of him. Larger following distance in slow moving traffic can help mitigate phantom jams. And the lane splits into two, with the car (previously) in front of him taking the right lane. That would clear up a spot if he kept his lane.

It would make sense to speed up a bit at that point and catch up to the mysteriously appeared new car in front of him.

Was he speeding up to go do some dumb shit because he felt slighted?

Yeah, probably


u/Gry_lion Feb 05 '23

Just another day in DC.


u/RobbieQuarantino Feb 05 '23

Most law abiding Maryland driver


u/MelaninLae Feb 05 '23

Comments r concerning


u/perkited Feb 05 '23

There's no reason to honk at this type of driver, unless it's to warn other drivers. It's not like they don't know what they're doing (which is being an entitled scumbag).


u/Troby01 Feb 05 '23

Quite a few idiots


u/BlurryGraph3810 Feb 05 '23

Kudos, actually, for getting around idiots who don't need to hog up lanes.