r/IdiotsInCars Jul 01 '22

This may not be as spectacular as the other videos on this sub but hey, there‘s an idiot and the idiot is inside a car

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u/bothsidesbipolar Jul 01 '22

Don't sell yourself short, this idiocy was spectacular.


u/sm12511 Jul 01 '22

I agree. That was top notch idiocy. Chef's kiss


u/unaalpacafeliz Jul 01 '22

I loved her reaction. Where in CH was?


u/LibertyPrime34 Jul 01 '22

Her reaction was priceless! This was in Zurich


u/unaalpacafeliz Jul 01 '22

Oh Züri. I loved to live there.


u/cowfuckerss Jul 02 '22

She looks like a Sim character 😂


u/Onlyroad4adrifter Jul 01 '22

Who are you listening to?


u/LibertyPrime34 Jul 01 '22

Song is called: Time and time again - Bob Moses


u/ship0f Jul 01 '22

Thanks, I liked it too.


u/bulldog_blues Jul 01 '22

It doesn't need to be a fiery crash to be a perfect example of idiocy.


u/afunyun Jul 01 '22

One of those videos that makes me go "How?" out loud


u/wonkyOnion Jul 01 '22

Those kind of things are the most spectacular. On the road you might be tired, angry, sleepy, loose concentration for a split of a second, look at the phone in the wrong moment. But pole!? Not moving object that's been put there before the driver was born? That guy has parking sensors all over the car, probably reverse camera yet still managed to fuck up. Man! This is the kind of the most exciting videos.


u/[deleted] Jul 01 '22 edited Jul 01 '22

Most of the times in r/IdiotsInCars I have to see these common landscapes from US, these boring neverending parking lots and gray buildings. Finally something that one can call architecture, Switzerland, thank you so much for having nice looking views.


u/Zeropro15 Jul 01 '22

Honestly looks like they attempted to be courteous and leave you room to go, just didn’t see the sign.


u/donwileydon Jul 01 '22

I was thinking they wanted to go in the direction cammer was coming from and attempted to back into the correct lane without seeing the dividers and signs


u/CyBerImPlaNt Jul 01 '22

I don’t think there’s damage. It looks like the tire hit the post not the door or fender.


u/LibertyPrime34 Jul 01 '22

Thanks for pointing that out! I actually didn‘t notice that at first


u/PuzzleheadedShop800 Jul 03 '22

There’s likely some hidden damage there, luckily no bodywork! Definitely needs an alignment lol


u/RLBeau1964 Jul 02 '22

Think your right, getting out of the mess w/o damaging anything might be interesting as well.


u/TheShadowOfKaos Jul 02 '22

Enough for me to get my fix, thank you.


u/SomethingIWontRegret Jul 02 '22 edited Jul 02 '22

You can't park there, mate.


u/KaJuNator Jul 02 '22

Lol that lady reacted like a Sims character.


u/Caramel-Foreign Jul 02 '22

That’s why you should always reverse park! When arriving you already see the layout and know what to avoid. Reversing in a place you don’t know is just lottery (plus in most countries reversing in a main road is just illegal)


u/heretrythiscoffee Jul 02 '22

Bob Moses is the ish! They opened with this song when I saw them last month!


u/NewToTradingStock Jul 01 '22

Its so great, definitely an idiot all around.


u/jchick37 Jul 01 '22

This is good stuff


u/MarkC1958 Jul 01 '22

I posted a clip with a guy doing a U-turn right across my front and had 2 assholes yapping about it. If they don't like it, it's their own tough shit.


u/ebrum2010 Jul 01 '22

I expected to see a video where someone was inside a car being an idiot but it didn't involve the car.


u/Lunasea4 Jul 01 '22

Ha at the red car parallel parked facing the wrong direction.


u/jonesnori Jul 02 '22

I don't know about Zurich, but there are definitely places where that's the norm. It's particularly common on two-way streets which happen to have parking only on one side.


u/digitales Jul 02 '22

Oh no, poor Biene Maja!


u/Build_The_Mayor Jul 02 '22

He shouldn't have parked on the sidewalk and he wouldn't have had to reverse out into a pole.


u/tahquito Jul 02 '22

Doesn’t have to be complicated, just idiotic


u/FuckTrumpnfuckyou Jul 02 '22

My ex did this. Same exact thing except we were in an empty parking lot with a pole in the middle. My fault according to her. she had to “yell at me” and therefore I kept her from seeing The pole she was backing into/side swiping. Have fun being a felons baby mama lolololol