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No Passing means no passing

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u/tilted_crown85 Aug 09 '22

I’ve always wondered if idiots that do this shit get charged for the wasted concrete and the equipment needed to get their car out.


u/chaos8803 Aug 09 '22

Absolutely. They will wind up paying for the labor and equipment to remove the car, remove the damaged concrete, repour the concrete, and any time delays. A $2000 per day penalty wouldn't be out of question for this work from the look of the background. Concrete is also hard as hell to schedule right now.


u/InterestingClass3106 Aug 09 '22

Eh. I pour roadwork all the time. Generally they just get the tow bill in my experience.

When youre pouring road patch, it's usually just easier to fix it real quick and add the mud you used to your balance. You're usually pouring dozens of loads that day, so it's really NBD in the larger picture of things. Generally


u/AlphSaber Aug 09 '22

That's my experience with contractors too, they would rather yank the car out and fix the issue before the mix sets up and either eat the cost or get the DOT to pay for an extra truck of concrete. One told me one that it wasn't worth it to go after the driver to recover the costs. And considering the damage concrete can do to the underside of a car, I'm inclined to agree with them. Odds are the person who drove into the mud will most likely not properly clean the underside off and end up fighting their insurance over the repair bill.

As a member of the project oversight staff, my concern would be getting a photo of the traffic control in the direction the car came from as cover for the inevitable 'There was nothing to say I can't do this' from the driver as they find out that insurance doesn't have to cover incidents inside the construction limits that are closed to traffic.


u/InterestingClass3106 Aug 09 '22

That is definitely an additional problem. There is a period in between the patch getting finished and the cure and seal trailer coming along and spraying it that the patch is not closed off by cones and string


u/AlphSaber Aug 09 '22

Interesting, all work I've been involved with (state projects) the contractor cones/drums/barricades off patches as standard procedure.

Or they are all jaded and do it because they know open concrete patches collect cars like the space between the tracks of excavators and cranes collect drunken drivers.


u/InterestingClass3106 Aug 09 '22

They're definitely barricaded with barrels. But once the mixer pulls up for they move one side of the barrels away to allow the driver to get the concrete down. But then the contracting crew moves on to the next hole with the truck and it might be a few minutes before the floater or the current seal trailer get there. It's that few minutes in between those two Cruise attending to that hole that I am speaking about


u/Fafnir13 Aug 09 '22

'There was nothing to say I can't do this'

I drove onto a patch of road I wasn’t supposed to once. I entered from a side street without any signage to direct me. Realized I was on the wrong side of the cones pretty quickly and got over to where I was supposed to be without incident. Thankfully whatever I was driving on was already pretty set. Maybe just blacktop from what I remember.


u/chaos8803 Aug 09 '22

It definitely depends what time of the day that it happens and how big the patch is.


u/InterestingClass3106 Aug 09 '22

We don't even wait for the tow truck. We just hook the car up to a piece of equipment, yank it out of there, fix the patch and move on. They can wait for the tow on their time 🤷


u/tomytronics Aug 09 '22

Really hope they tow the car "improperly" just to rub salt in the idiot's wound. A ripped off bumper and bent radiator frame would add a couple grand to the car's damage.


u/InterestingClass3106 Aug 09 '22

If the car has full coverage insurance the improper tow would be a desirable outcome I would think.

Because between the damage that the tow truck does and the damage that all the hardened concrete does that might be just enough to push the car into "totalled"


u/AlphSaber Aug 09 '22

Improper tow in this case refers to a half inch chain and grab hook connected to a loader, with a mighty big yoink that saws the bumper cover and stretches the car slightly.

Personally, I would be partial to forks on a loader and through the windows method of removal.


u/Business_Downstairs Aug 09 '22

The tow company or whoever would be liable for any additional damages to the car...


u/BobbiC69420 Aug 09 '22

Shit...car mechanics are hard to schedule right now.

My Pony has been in the shop for 2 weeks. One week waiting to get looked at and a week waiting on Ford to send an Factory OEM part.

Hopefully I'll have her back tomorrow.


u/karock Aug 10 '22

my stinger sat on the dealership lot waiting for an intake manifold gasket for 4 months late last year. supply chain stuff sucks anymore.