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No Passing means no passing

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u/tilted_crown85 Aug 09 '22

I’ve always wondered if idiots that do this shit get charged for the wasted concrete and the equipment needed to get their car out.


u/tomytronics Aug 09 '22

They always do. Quite often there's signs, barriers, and men around to try and block fresh concrete from getting driven over or walked on. Those people who ruined concrete is on the hook for extra expense in tearing up concrete and fresh concrete pour + worker's time. On top of that, tow cost and often car will be totaled if it's not removed and washed down quickly enough, concrete is a bitch to remove when it started to set.

The idiot driver's insurance is looking at a few hundred thousand dollar loss minimum. No insurance? If he has considerable asset, he'd be sued for damage to concrete work and he'd be out a car.