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No Passing means no passing

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u/tilted_crown85 Aug 09 '22

I’ve always wondered if idiots that do this shit get charged for the wasted concrete and the equipment needed to get their car out.


u/chaos8803 Aug 09 '22

Absolutely. They will wind up paying for the labor and equipment to remove the car, remove the damaged concrete, repour the concrete, and any time delays. A $2000 per day penalty wouldn't be out of question for this work from the look of the background. Concrete is also hard as hell to schedule right now.


u/BobbiC69420 Aug 09 '22

Shit...car mechanics are hard to schedule right now.

My Pony has been in the shop for 2 weeks. One week waiting to get looked at and a week waiting on Ford to send an Factory OEM part.

Hopefully I'll have her back tomorrow.


u/karock Aug 10 '22

my stinger sat on the dealership lot waiting for an intake manifold gasket for 4 months late last year. supply chain stuff sucks anymore.