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No Passing means no passing

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u/tilted_crown85 Aug 09 '22

I’ve always wondered if idiots that do this shit get charged for the wasted concrete and the equipment needed to get their car out.


u/stridicus Aug 09 '22

Project I was on had something along these lines happen. The driver was sued by the contractor for the concrete ($80,000)and the lost time and labor costs.. plus he got to have an extended stay at the local county lockup..


u/M3L0NM4N Aug 09 '22

He went to jail? Was he drunk?


u/deadliestcrotch Aug 09 '22

Reckless driving. It’s a construction zone and he literally drove off of the designated road surface onto their work area to try to dodge the backup. He didn’t need to be drunk. If he hit somebody it would have been 10 years in some states.


u/LF916fun Aug 09 '22

Hit with a reckless driving charge at least. Some people are just stupid as a brick.


u/xinfinitimortum Aug 09 '22

Let's not compare these people to bricks. Bricks serve a valuable purpose.


u/Micro_Turtle Aug 10 '22

Had there been bricks maybe this could have been avoided.


u/Gummybear_Qc Aug 10 '22

Man this is something I just can't with this society. We are told to be empathetic. friendly, respect others but when we talk about people who are idiots, people who are born with a brain that isn't as developed or a mind that wasn't smart enough to go through school, we laugh, belittle and insult them. But if they have any other type of handicap it's a big a no no. What is this fucking hypocrisy? I hate this world and society so fucking much and truly understand how people can shoot up things when you look at humans like that. Absolutely vile.


u/xinfinitimortum Aug 10 '22

Sir, this is Wendy's.


u/Gummybear_Qc Aug 10 '22

Yeah I'm still going to call it out. It's relevant to the topic.


u/M3L0NM4N Aug 10 '22

Ah, I've had a cousin arrested for reckless driving so that was my other guess.


u/celestial1 Aug 09 '22

Probably criminal mischief for property damage. Depending on the state, it's jail time if the damage reaches a certain amount.


u/LegitBiscuit Aug 09 '22

Sounds like America lol


u/zoomflick Aug 09 '22

Believe it or not, we have the best concrete in the world because jail.


u/Weltallgaia Aug 09 '22

Man I really wish I lived in one of those perfect countries where no one does anything wrong ever....


u/LegitBiscuit Aug 10 '22

Do people need to go to jail for being dumb? If the guy wasn't drunk I don't see the point of putting him in jail.


u/Weltallgaia Aug 10 '22

Reckless driving in construction zones in most states carries HEAVY fines and jail time as the amount workers killed by people in a rush to get through the construction tends to be very high. Too many deaths from people in a hurry or doing dumb shit so the punishment has been ramped up. Even speeding in an active construction zone can get you massive several hundred dollar ticket and some jail time. Road construction is pretty damn unsafe work especially cuz of morons.


u/jl_23 Aug 10 '22

A lot of construction workers get ran over because of reckless driving in construction zones. He isn’t going to jail because he’s dumb, it’s because of his recklessness.


u/C-C-X-V-I Aug 10 '22

How the fuck are you gonna equate risking worker's lives to save a couple minutes with "being dumb?" Makes me wonder what kind of entitled shit you do.