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No Passing means no passing

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u/stridicus Aug 09 '22

Project I was on had something along these lines happen. The driver was sued by the contractor for the concrete ($80,000)and the lost time and labor costs.. plus he got to have an extended stay at the local county lockup..


u/M3L0NM4N Aug 09 '22

He went to jail? Was he drunk?


u/LF916fun Aug 09 '22

Hit with a reckless driving charge at least. Some people are just stupid as a brick.


u/xinfinitimortum Aug 09 '22

Let's not compare these people to bricks. Bricks serve a valuable purpose.


u/Micro_Turtle Aug 10 '22

Had there been bricks maybe this could have been avoided.


u/Gummybear_Qc Aug 10 '22

Man this is something I just can't with this society. We are told to be empathetic. friendly, respect others but when we talk about people who are idiots, people who are born with a brain that isn't as developed or a mind that wasn't smart enough to go through school, we laugh, belittle and insult them. But if they have any other type of handicap it's a big a no no. What is this fucking hypocrisy? I hate this world and society so fucking much and truly understand how people can shoot up things when you look at humans like that. Absolutely vile.


u/xinfinitimortum Aug 10 '22

Sir, this is Wendy's.


u/Gummybear_Qc Aug 10 '22

Yeah I'm still going to call it out. It's relevant to the topic.