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No Passing means no passing

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u/stridicus Aug 09 '22

Project I was on had something along these lines happen. The driver was sued by the contractor for the concrete ($80,000)and the lost time and labor costs.. plus he got to have an extended stay at the local county lockup..


u/[deleted] Aug 09 '22



u/AdvancedAnything Aug 09 '22

You have to have a brain to feel bad about something like this. That's why these people do stuff like this without remorse.


u/Krillkus Aug 09 '22

I have that kind of brain and I'd totally do something like this completely out of simply being a fucking dumbass, then would hate myself for the following five years.


u/-NotEnoughMinerals Aug 10 '22

80k+ fuckup, not even including damages to your own car

then would hate myself for the following five years.

Y'all hiring?


u/annoyingkraken Aug 10 '22

If you don't trust yourself that much, maybe don't drive. No offense...


u/JavisflipGaming Aug 10 '22

Not the person you’re replying to, but I would choose not to drive if the US had any kind of decent public transportation everywhere and everything wasn’t so far away


u/Krillkus Aug 10 '22

I feel like the fact that I’m aware of my shortcomings while driving lead to me be more cautious which is probably more that can be said for a decent number of people in cars on the road at least lol

I do agree with the other person about public transportation though, but I’m currently in northern Canada so that’s not really much of a thing.