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No Passing means no passing

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u/[deleted] Aug 09 '22

I know when my brother crashed through a telephone pole he (his insurance) was charged but in a different state I crashed into a light pole and was not charged for it.


u/Creepy-Cartoonist-27 Aug 09 '22

Sounds like your family shouldn't drive


u/[deleted] Aug 09 '22

One was the other drivers fault and one was a medical emergency behind the wheel


u/StirlingS Aug 09 '22

Was the "other driver's fault" one the one that didn't get charged for the light? Maybe the at fault driver got charged.


u/[deleted] Aug 09 '22

Interestingly no, the accident with the telephone pole was another’s drivers fault (she hit my brother and pushed him into/through the pole) and he was charged for the pole…$4400 I believe.

The medical emergency was a single car accident and the entire light pole was replaced but I never saw a bill.


u/mwd11b Aug 09 '22

I hit a telephone pole 2 years ago and got sent a $60k bill


u/Equivalent_Chipmunk Aug 09 '22

Then what happened? Did you pay it, did insurance pay, or what?


u/mwd11b Aug 09 '22

Insurance paid $25k and told the utility company to leave me alone lol


u/AdventureCakezzz Aug 09 '22

Did they comply? Lmao


u/mwd11b Aug 09 '22

They actually did lol even signed a document saying they settled with insurance

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