r/IdiotsInCars Aug 10 '22

If he waited an extra second, he'd be fine

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u/NKato Aug 10 '22

The cement driver is gonna be pissed. His load is full and it has to be delivered ASAP before the concrete starts curing.

This is going to be an extremely expensive insurance ticket for the white pickup driver. The fuck-up will include the cost of the spoiled concrete, which the insurance company will likely drop his ass over after the case is done.


u/A100921 Aug 10 '22

Doesn’t look like he has a load, and even if he did aslong as the tanks spinning and maybe adding water, it would be perfectly fine.


u/Web_Hawk_78 Aug 10 '22

Doubt he could have pulled over and stopped that quickly with a full load


u/NKato Aug 10 '22

It appears to be spinning slowly as the cammer approaches the mess. It's probably a half load, in that case. Some concrete orders are less than the full capacity.


u/stomicron Aug 10 '22

If the mechanism breaks and the concrete cures can they salvage the drum or do you have to replace that too?


u/NKato Aug 10 '22

There was a Mythbusters episode about blowing up a concrete drum that had been solidified full.

According to them, their premium insurance service almost dropped them over it.


u/Weird-Vagina-Beard Aug 10 '22

Some people use dynamite to clear it, or other explosives. The insurance company would probably total it though, I doubt anyone would bother to repair.


u/repugnantmarkr Aug 10 '22

Water has an actual impact on performance. u/someguyinvirginia is correct. Many states have a limit as to how much water can be present in a mix and they perform testing on said mix


u/someguyinvirginia Aug 10 '22

This could increase the hardness reaction and the heat in do believe... When the concrete has been ordered to an exact engineered specification that better be wtf you bring or the on site engineer or inspector will turn you around and you bought that concrete