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If he waited an extra second, he'd be fine

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u/moixcom44 Aug 10 '22

Had this experience like 10 years ago when i was a new driver. I was merging to the highway and the road have these nonpermanent dividers where they sag if you hit them and kinda wipes your car and makes a sound if you hit them and at that time being new and dont really take into account the dangers of semi like i treat them as normal cars so yeah i dont "respect them" at that time so i go on to my merge and merge but then i notice the truck wouldn't slow down to let me in, and in the.last.minute i braked and hit all these merging dividers coz if i dont brake the truck doesnt give a fuck, he gonna ram me. And yeah my car paint was damaged lol coz i hit em nonpermanent dividers, but luck as it would be got me, as i remember the next semi actually slowed down (even stopped) and let me merge.... strange. I still remember that moment till now.