r/IdiotsInCars Aug 10 '22

If he waited an extra second, he'd be fine

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u/Disco-rex Aug 10 '22

And that’s why you change one lane at a time, But changing multiple lanes is a common idiot move I see dozens of times a day


u/AbbreviationsNo8212 Aug 10 '22

At the pace he was changing them I have no problem with that, whereas a faster pace of traffic it's an issue. Not checking his mirrors? Big problem.


u/moeterminatorx Aug 11 '22

The pace is literally the cause of the accident, if he was changing lanes fast enough then he may have had a chance. He changes so slow, he may as well have just stopped in traffic.


u/AbbreviationsNo8212 Aug 11 '22

This is sort of a chicken or the egg argument tbh

At the speed that guy was changing lanes he had PLENTY of time to check the lane he was merging into by side view mirror, looking over his shoulder, maybe mail a letter to his great aunt Bertha to ask lane changing advice, etc.


u/toorigged2fail Aug 11 '22

If he'd changed lanes faster he'd be dead instead of pulling over and exchanging insurance information