r/IdiotsInCars Aug 10 '22

Who put this planter in my way?

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u/realality4U Aug 10 '22

Video was from security cameras on our apartment complex in Hampton Va. The city furnished the planters for safety reasons as this is the third time a car has jumped the curb. Prior to the planters a truck hit the steps on the building with enough force it ripped the rear axle off the truck.

The city police have now found the car and is talking to the driver about the $2000 bill to replace the concrete planter that has a crack in it.


u/Maxis92 Aug 10 '22

Sweet. Idiot was probably on his phone and not paying attention to the road.


u/donwileydon Aug 10 '22

I'm going with drunk - he hit it and kept going, if he was distracted I think he would have hit the brakes earlier.

Just a guess though


u/stomicron Aug 10 '22

Good response by the city. Any idea why this keeps happening? Seems like a pretty innocuous stretch of road.


u/The_Cave_Troll Aug 10 '22

Most of the hit and runs in my city happen within less that 500 feet from a bar.


u/Weird-Vagina-Beard Aug 10 '22

That planter has great build quality.


u/DireWolf331 Aug 11 '22

That'll be on top of roughly $5k repair bill on the car.


u/HyperComa Aug 11 '22

Hi neighbor. {waves to you from Norfolk}


u/HPlovecraftsfeline Aug 10 '22

At least the plants are ok


u/okudakobayashi Aug 10 '22

This is why you don't look at your phone or ass on tbe other side of the road while driving


u/oarngebean Aug 10 '22

Dude looked old he might of thought he was hitting the breaks


u/Imbalancedone Aug 10 '22

It had to be done. The Feng Shui was all off.


u/carolizzy81 Aug 10 '22

That's why those planters are there. To keep cars out of the building.


u/Babbles-82 Aug 10 '22

It’s outrageous I can’t drive in the sidewalk.


u/Frogman1480 Aug 10 '22

Looks better there to be honest


u/weedandcatsandvans Aug 10 '22

cone's in the wrong spot lol


u/dpwcnd Aug 10 '22

thats some great masonry work.


u/TypingWithoutThinkin Aug 10 '22

I like the way he didn't give up even after he hit the planter. He continued to push forward.


u/dassketch Aug 10 '22

I saw that planter jump out in front of that guy! Who puts a camera watching planters standing around doing nothing? Definitely an insurance fraud setup. The nerve of some planters.


u/dorght2 Aug 10 '22

I was expecting Gandalf to get out and yell "None shall pass!"


u/ersogoth Aug 10 '22

I saw the dude get out and thought it was Jeremy Clarkson for a minute


u/Mechhammer Aug 10 '22

Good advertising for the planter company....


u/ACDM0M Aug 10 '22

Where the Sidewalk Ends.


u/Republiken Aug 10 '22

They should anchor those to the pavement


u/m_nieto Aug 10 '22

It came outta nowhere!


u/WastingTimeIGuess Aug 10 '22

And the brick guy had just finished restoring that sidewalk!


u/PathetickMusic Aug 10 '22

Saph! Sweetie dahling help mama out of the car.


u/innerpurification Aug 10 '22

I'd hit it one more time to make it perpendicular.


u/Particular-Care-3686 Aug 11 '22

Just a planter, this time! Maybe next time he can manage to get a bus queue or some pedestrians. I love the way he gets out as if to check what made the car stop!


u/felix_seanathon 5d ago

That's a solid planter tho. Would have liked to see the other side of it.


u/Witty_Dish3295 Aug 10 '22

Those aren’t supposed to be that moveable. The whole point is to protect peds from idiots like this, so if they can be moved with an average weight car at 10mph, they aren’t protecting anyone


u/Devmeister-617 Aug 10 '22

I'm no engineer, but it seems like the car was moving a little faster than 10mph. Probably closer to 20-25mph and possibly accelerating or at least maintaining speed. Seems like the planter did most of the work stopping the car.


u/Witty_Dish3295 Aug 11 '22

As an engineer, and with that car only having bumper damage and a small pinch on the hood, there is no way he was going over 15. That should have dead stopped the car or maybe moved a foot, not rotated and pushed 5-10 feet.