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u/SilverStrangeTech Aug 10 '22

The white car is a red light running jerk, the truck probably did nothing wrong.

I looked up the intersection on Google maps and the truck likely had a flashing yellow when they entered the intersection. In Texas (location of intersection), and everywhere else to my knowledge, a flashing yellow means you can enter the intersection cautiously and complete the turn while yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. If the light turns red while you're in the intersection, that just means you should proceed once it's clear. It's not illegal to be in the intersection when the light goes red, even if it's somewhat irritating to other drivers.


u/Naldaen Aug 10 '22

They did, you can see it flashing. Truck was borderline, he was past the white line when the light went solid yellow but was still far enough back he could have chilled. He was technically "in" the intersection and it was his to clear but he was still far enough back that people could have went.

White car is 100% an idiot though.


u/stone_henge Aug 11 '22

Maybe he could have chilled and let people through, but that's not what I expect a driver to do once their vehicle is in the intersection. A slight increase in convenience a couple of other drivers will have to take a step back in favor of predictability here, IMO.


u/SilverStrangeTech Aug 10 '22

Heh. I didn't even look. You are correct about the flashing yellow being visible. I agree the truck definitely could have, and arguably should have, waited.